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Uncle Frank, I mean Uncle Sam, says “I WANT YOU To Tell Your Friends About This!”  About this contest, that is.

Of course, it would be grand to win an iPad (we should know because Frank the Frontiersman won one last year, and it has been brilliant for developing his fine-motor skills as well as being the only motivator we’ve found to get him to scoot across a room), but also because this is such a great awareness campaign for the wolfhirschhorn.org website.

We want to generate enough traffic  through this site, so that when families with a new diagnosis search the  internet for information, this website will be at the top of the list,  instead of the scary medical journals filled with horrifying statistics and  grim details.

We were one of those families that received a horrible  first impression when we were doing our initial search, and we know how  important it is to give a more realistic peek at the lives of real  children who are living with this syndrome and who are loved and  treasured exactly as they are.

Last year the contest generated 42,000 site page views!!!  There were a total of 7,704 votes, which is just amazing, but I know we can do even better this year.

Uncle Sam wants you to do your part to help create Wolf-Hirschhorn awareness and an interest in our precious children. Thank you!


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    Can I get a poster size of the Uncle same picture?

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