Mix some blinged-out hoola-hoops with a wheelchair, put in a fluffy tulle and feathered Princess, top with a sparkly tiara … and there you have it! Princess in a Pumpkin! This is DeLaney (aka “Lulu”) in her Cinderellu Carriage! She LOVED looking at the twinkling lights!


6 Responses to Princess Lulu

  1. Carissa says:

    What a great idea! I’m sure she felt like a princess.

  2. KevinO says:

    Finally getting to all of the posts. Very impressive! This looks very cool.

  3. Heather (Frankie's mom) says:

    Wow – This is SOOO clever and creative!!! I love it. Very very impressive.

  4. Joanne H says:

    Thank you. It was fun to make, and even more fun to see her inside enjoying the lights!

  5. Robin B. says:

    The most beautiful Cinderella EVER!

  6. shirley bidnick says:

    In this photo, Delaney could be Rochelle’s twin. I would like to know more about her. Please share her with us. The Cinderella coach is brilliant.

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