Well, good news! Since the on-call/ER doctor took over Nathaniel’s care and had me document every meal, Nathaniel has gained so much weight. I went a little beyond and started documenting calories. Turns out he was getting enough food to get full, but I wasn’t managing his calorie intake as well as I could have. He was 13.9 lbs when he was in the ER(24th). This morning he saw the orthopedist and I finally got to see the x-rays for myself. He is concerned because he is so young and it’s so noticeable-even if it is only a 13 degree curvature-for him, it’s enough. He said if there is any progression at his next visit(6 months) he may consider a brace. This afternoon he saw the gastroenterologist and he is a WHOLE 15.68 lbs!!! I was so excited….the nurse that was checking weight and length was looking at me like I was crazy. But once I explained why I was so excited, she understood. The doctor wants to see him in 2 months. If he continues to gain like he has, then he may not want go the G-tube and Fundoplication route and if he plateaus, then it may be something worth considering. I’m all for what ever will help him, but I’m also for avoiding surgical procedures if possible. He has gotten so heavy and and his face is so full. I used to tell everyone that he had the body of Kermit the Frog…..his upper body was normal size, his waist was so small, and his legs were so thin—Kermit the Frog 🙂 I never thought I would get to see him so full. Since he has gained all this weight (I say that like he’s 20 lbs) he is so much more verbal, active, and stronger. He mimics me and will return a smile and react to my facial expressions. It’s so cute because he can sit up in his Bumbo so tall and at attention. He is a completely different baby. I LOVE IT!!! I loved him before of course, but he’s just so much more fun. This morning, he was laughing and laughing and getting everyone’s attention….IT WAS SO CUTE!!!


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