Happy Almost Pumpkin Day!

The two pictures are about a year apart. I have been very neglectful in posting any updates- not out of desire, but life is just busy with 6 kiddos. I wanted to post these two pictures as an encouragement to those just starting out on this journey. In the last year Leo had his NG tube replaced with a button. He got glasses that really have improved his eye sight and has begun to walk using a walker. The reality is that he is still way behind kids his age, but the progress he has made has been incredible. Slow and steady. He has 4 therapists that work with him each for an hour a week. The incentive of keeping up with his older siblings is what pushes him forward each day. He really loves his brothers and sister. I know each child is different and all of our journeys are gonna take different paths. But I want to encourage you to keep on pushing forward. The sky really can be the limit.


5 Responses to Leo – the difference a year made

  1. LeeAnn M says:

    Oh my gosh Leo is beyond adorable! I just wanna hug him and have a playdate with him! What a year he’s had, he’s doing awesome, love his determination to keep up with his siblings. Glad you posted both pics.

  2. jerri says:

    wow what a difference!! his glasses are so cool!!! a real encouragement thnks for posting

  3. Latosha says:

    He is so cute and adorable, God bless

  4. Letty says:

    Leo is adorable. He seems like such a strong boy.

  5. shirley bidnick says:

    Leo is a sweet boy. Thank you for sharing him with us. He seems to have made incredible progress in a year. I like the photo of him with his mom. He is a sharp dresser.

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