The last time we wrote Teejay was almost 12 months old.He is now 18 months and things have changed quite a bit for all of us.We have moved house and now live in Wellington New Zealand.We went on a 2 month trip to see family and friends in England and for most of our family it was the first time that they had met Teejay.He obviously loved all of the attention and everybody fell in love with him.Just after we wrote the first post our nutritionist recommended that we start feeding Teejay a pre mixed formula called pediasure.We did not know too much about it so googled it to find out what people thought.I searched several forums and found that there were quite a few people that had said that their children had become hyperactive and some even said that they thought it was addictive and when they stopped giving it to their children they had withdrawel symptoms.At the time Teejay was still being feed through a nose tube and showed no interest whatsoever in feeding so we thought we did not have anything to lose so gave it a go.Within 2 weeks he had put on a pound in weight and was taking a bottle regularly.He had the nose tube removed and we have never looked back.Yes it did make him more active but that was a good thing because he did not really do too much at that time.He continued putting on weight and then started eating solids.He now has 4 bottles of pediasure a day and 4 small jars of baby food.Although he has several teeth now he still only likes the baby food without lumps.He has a high palette in his mouth and anything with lumps gets caught up in there and he does not like it.We have not seen any sign of addiction.We took as much as we could with us to England but still ran out after a couple of weeks so we tried him on normal baby formula and he drank it without any problem,At 15 months he suddenly started sitting up on his own.A month later he was crawling and then to our amazement he started pulling himself up to stand.He now spends more time on his feet than he does sitting or crawling and works his way around the room holding on to furniture etc.We got back to new zealand a few weeks ago and caught the end of winter.He seems to have had a cold constantly over the last few weeks and unfortunately 3 weeks ago he had a high temperature and ended up having a small seizure.We took him straight to the hospital and they kept him in for observation for the night and let him come home the next day.The doctor said that there was not any reason to think that he would have further seizures but last weekend he had another one which was a lot more severe than the last and was again caused by a high temperature.He is seeing a specialist next week to see if they can find out if he will be prone to them long term.All in all though things are going well and with spring and some warmer weather we are hoping that he will not pick up any more colds.Teejay has started a new daycare with his sister and loves the interaction with other kids.He loves music and as soon as he hears any he nods his head as if he is dancing.He also loves water wether it is the bath or a pool.He still loves being picked up so he is at your level but equally he will happily sit next to us on the sofa.He still gets reflux but takes medication to stop that.He has started to try to talk by making various noises and sounds.He is still small for his age but he is growing at his own pace.The important thing is that he is a happy little boy and he when he has not got a cold or is teething he constantly smiles at everyone.Hopefully the next time i write he will be walking on his own


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  1. Leonie says:

    Well done Teejay, sounds like you’re doing amazing! Sabrina and I are in NZ too, in the Bay of Plenty. Feel free to add me on facebook (Leonie French) we have a really neat (but small) support group over here and would love to get to know you 🙂

  2. Letty says:

    Teejay is adorable! Glad to know that he’s thriving. My son (Nathaniel) had weight issues also and once we switched from Neosure to Pediasure, his weight and activity blossomed. He has kinda plateaued but recently he lost about 7 ounces. I’m working on getting him in with the dietician again, so we’ll see what happens. I just had to say that Teejay is so handsome in his little suite 🙂

  3. Glad things are working out well now with Teejay i took my son josh back to England about the same age we had a similar story as you, however the seizures stayed and are heat temp related josh is on Phenobarbitol and has been since then. I think the reason these kids seem hyper on the Nutrin is now this is only my take on this they are getting more nutrients gaining more weight and this gives them more energy!Josh has been on Nutrin for about 6 years now on and off with no side effects that we have noticed we use the Nutrin when he is unwell and not wanting to eat and replace his evening meal with it in a cup as he has stopped eating in the evening.

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