On the 19th, Nathaniel had an ear infection and was put on an antibiotic. The 20th, he had his routine appointment with his ENT to see if his ears were big enough for tubes…they weren’t. This past Monday, he had an appointment with his neurologist and it was decided to up his Keppra from 1ml to 1.5ml and his Depacaine stayed the same. It kicked his butt, he was OUT after his first 2 doses! The following night he had an adverse but good affect…he was rolling around, laughing, and AWAKE….complete night and day. I did mention that I was a little concerned and suspected Scoliosis and some X-rays were done. So, on Wednesday, he followed up with his pediatrician/CFNP and had his “well check” at the same time and wound up getting a shot. He always runs fever and has febrile seizures…..NOT THIS TIME!!! YAY!!! I mentioned the X-rays and she was able to get the results. I missed the after-hours call and tried calling back but wasn’t able to get through. This morning, after another missed call I was able to get through and I already knew. We all have heard it, “No news is good news.” He does have Scoliosis. He has a 13 degree curvature but I’m not sure if it’s vertical or not. He will be seeing an orthopedist and we’ll be able to see the x-rays for ourselves. I have prepared myself for certain things/conditions/diagnosis’ and this is just one other thing we’ll have to work through. I’m not too concerned yet, but I don’t know how or even IF WHS increases the progression. I have a tendency to read too much into things, so I’ve only allowed myself 3hrs of online research. I’ll know soon enough. Until then, we’ll just keep on keep’n on.


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  1. JillH says:

    Nathaniel is adorable, love his curls! I love your motto, keep on keep’n on…I might need to borrow that one!

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