20 months?! That cannot be right, because if it is that means that in 4 months she will be 2! How did that happen? Magnolia’s personality becomes clearer everyday. She loves to be in the middle of everything. She has started to make it known to everyone around when she is mad and not getting what she wants. She is sitting independently and can get to a sitting position by herself, not the way her PT would like, but she gets there. She has a little interest in toys but she much prefers cell phones, remote controls and her ipad. She will log roll across the room to get to where she wants to go, which is usually where her brother is. He remains her favorite person and favorite play thing. He can get her to laugh out loud in a way no one else can. He does not even have to touch her. He can just talk to her, dance for her or sing to her. It is an incredible sight.

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  1. carissa says:

    Magnolia is darling! Thanks for the update. I love hearing that she’s sitting independently and motivated to be mobile. We need to plan a time for our girls to meet!

  2. letty says:

    Magnolia is so cute. I love her hair. My Nathaniel has tons of curly hair, but if I don’t put anything in it it looks like Kramar’s hair from Seinfeld. She’s precious!

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