Mia will be 17 months old next month. Recent achievements include sitting unsupported (for a short time), clapping her hands, dancing to music, recognising her name and she is currently cutting her first four teeth – none of which are at the front of her mouth! Mia’s epilepsy remains well controlled on an increased dose of Nitrezapam and Keppra, and other than recurring colds and respiratory viruses she is generally a very well little girl. Here are a selection of shots of Mia from last weekend’s family photoshoot…


4 Responses to Mia’s 17 month update

  1. La Tosha says:

    Mia is so beautiful, God Bless her..Amariah is 12 years old now and Loves, Loves Music, I think she recognized it when she was just a few months old and music plays a big part of her life. She was also born with two natal teeth that were removed at birth and her first teeth after that were her molars…She loves to eat so maybe thats why..either way, its nice to see such nice pics of your family. 🙂

  2. Ross says:

    Thanks La Tosha, it’s fascinating to discover the similarities our kids share. Particularly interesting to hear about Amariah’s teeth – it looks like Mia’s molars are coming in first too which seems to go against all the literature I can find. WHS kids rewriting the rule books, again! 🙂

  3. letty says:

    Mia is beautiful, I love her little pucker. Lucky for you she’s not cutting teeth up front. Nathaniel’s 1st tooth was his front upper tooth and because of his clefting, it’s grown crooked and to the left. His 2nd was his right molar that unfortunately is growing through the palate, his 3rd tooth is probably the most dangerous one of them all! It’s right up front, but I call it his sharks tooth. It’s flat but right in the center is a jagged ridge and if it gets you…..it’s all over. Now, he has a new tooth cutting right next to the shark tooth and his left upper molar. He’s so funny because he knows it hurts and he yet he tries really hard to get us. He’s very smart.

  4. Shirley Bidnick says:

    Thanks for sharing a few pages from your family album. Mia is so photogenic, along with her parents. She seems to naturally pose for the camera. Maybe she is answering her call to be a model.

    On the subject of dental abnormalities, Rochelle still has some baby teeth. They did not fall out because there were no permanent teeth underneath to push them out. Some permanent teeth came in crooked, and some did not come up at all. On a positive note, no cavities, ever! This has affected her ability to chew, but she enjoys a wide variety of food anyhow.

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