Hello!  Here’s an update on my lil princess…

Motor skills…

For the past month she’s been doing things that make me so proud of her.  She started rolling from back to belly and has started standing!!  I support her by holding her hips and it just awes me and occasionally brings me to tears to see her stand on her lil feet.  Besides hips support, we also let her stand leaning on the sofa with a toy in front of her.  She’s also getting much stronger with her hands too!  She can hold a four point position and slightly rocks back and forth.  She still doesn’t move her hands or knees while in the position, and she doesn’t seem too interested in crawling yet,  but we’re working on it!  She also does amazingly when coming from a squat to a downward dog position to lifting her torso up to a standing position!  YAYY!!!

Fine motor skills…

She’s doing more hand  transferring and her hand eye coirdination is getting better.  We’re still working on letting go of stuff and banging together as opposed to banging stuff as she loves to do.  She seems to be very curious about things now.  I used to use my phone around her all the time, and for some reason now she wants to take everything that i hold now.  Very cute but not cute when she accidentally dials someone and i don’t know…heheheeh…so now i make sure my phone is locked!!

Eye focus…

As i mentioned in my older posts, Isabella has an ocassional squint on both eyes.  Its sometimes her right and sometimes her left eye that drifts out.  Dr said its a good sign as opposed to the one eye as it just means that she is using both eyes and that it corrects itself.  Have any of you had this experience?  Our next appointment with her eye doctor is in 4 months and that is when we will start discussing whether or not she needs surgery to tighten her muscles around her eyes.  Our doctor did say that there is a chance that after correction, it can just go back to being lazy afterwards, because with syndrome kids, its the hypotonia that is the issue.    Ummm…ok, anyone with experience?  Success, complication, pros and cons?  Any advice would be great…thanks!

Kidney reflux…

We are still on 2ml of trimethoprin once a day and her grading still stands at 1 and 3.  No UTI’s since we did the deflux procedure last Dec.  Next scan in a few months time.

Weight and height…

In her last weigh in around a month ago she was 10kg and 75cm long.  I think now she should be about 11kg or close to it.


A month ago we were on 4 milk feeds and pureed /textured food 2-3x a day (was more of a snack for her).  Following our pediatricians advice, we cut a milk feed and fed her more food.  So voila!  She eats 3 meals a day and 3 milk feeds and she loves it! I cook 90% of her food and freeze it in those kid portion ice cubes.  So we started with 1 cube (snack) to now 3-4 cubes per meal.  I at first was wondering if she would get enough calories as her milk intake dropped from 800-900ml a day to just 300-400 ml after changing her diet.  But she seems to be doing fine and still gaining.



She now has twobottom teeth and one upper tooth.  She’s starting to grind her teeth so once she does i stick something in her mouth to stop.  Her bottom teeth are a little uneven and her top tooth looks huge compared to her bottom two.  Oh well, i’m just very grateful she has teeth…=)


Here are some recent pictures and videos!

Three legged doggy…priceless….x


Drinking from a straw like a big girl!





3 Responses to Bella Isabellalala

  1. tina prudhomme says:

    My Kailey who is now 19. Use to crawl for a Week, then moved on to rolling everywhere to scooting. Still scoots even though she know how to Walk. She will walk if I tell her UP !. All I have to do is say UP or if shes in the shower I tap her on the shoulder to sit or motion for her to sit or go down. She knows 🙂 It’s funny what we take for GRANTED in child bearing, I thought ALL my children would be running, walking and talking…. Who knew I’d have an angel who would remind me, Not too! LOE her more evry day… Enjoy EVERYDAY, Even those that seem too knock you down, being a MOTHER is never easy.. But remember WE are the Few and the Proud. Nobody knows our heart ache and true joys! God Bless you

  2. Carissa says:

    Fantastic progress Isabella! You must be very proud of her. I love the way she seems to interact with her enviroment and challenges herself to do new things. Her eating ability is amazing. Keep up the good work!

  3. letty says:

    Way to go Izzy! Sounds like you’ve been working really hard with her. My son 20 months and he isn’t anywhere close to her level. I worry that I’m not doing enough….I have my “lazy days” and “forget” to sit on the ground and have my own therapy sessions. Life gets hectic a a lot of the times, he winds up trapped in his car seat because of dropping of the other kids at school, followed by his appointments, or even theirs. Not to mention my errands. Before to know it, it’s 3:00 and they other kids are back from school a I have to get home…and all the while, he’s spent the while day in his seat. Not to mention dinner, cleaning, laundry, and other 100 thin I failed to mention. How do you do it?

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