Well things had been going great, still are, but Nathaniel had a seizure last Thursday. It lasted about nine minutes and afterwards he was shivering and I’m assuming in pain from the seizing because he was moaning for about another 30 minutes. It took a while, but he slept the remainder of the night. He didn’t wake up until 10:ish the following morning! He hadn’t had one in about 2 1/2-3 months. It was long enough to remind us of WHS. I spoke to the neurologist and he said he wants to keep his seizures under control because of his delays and that sometimes they could set them back even more, so he sent orders for labs so that if it happens again I can take him to the hospital to run the tests…..in the meantime, I am to observe and look for any signs of silent seizures. He’s done fine since then. I was going back through my old posts along with others and we as parents don’t realize how “different” our actions/routines are compared to others. Not to pat myself on the back…but our lives as parents are so busy and more complicated than we think they are. We don’t give ourselves enough credit…..our lives are so “routine” that we don’t realize how much we do for our children. That’s not including siblings of our WHS children! I have 3 others. One in elementary, one in middle school, and one in high school. We were all chosen for our WHS children for a reason and as hard or difficult as things are, we manage. Kudos to us all!!! We are pretty awesome 🙂


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  1. shirley bidnick says:

    The seizures are horrible to experience and witness. All you can do is work with your doctor to get them under control. I hope you find a medication and routine that works for Nathaniel.

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