Mason recently had his IFSP (individual family service plan) review with his case worker and current therapy providers. At the review we agree to add a speech therapist and a teacher of the deaf and hearing impared. Mason is making progress in most areas. Mason’s current developmental age is between 6-8 months. At the conclusion of the meeting the caseworker reminds me that I need to schedule a “transition” meeting as Early Intervention services will end upon Mason’s third birthday, and that I will need to start looking for schools! The thought of Mason going on a bus off to school terrifies me. Up until now Mason has been going to the daycare center where I work, which happens to be at a hospital. My coping strategy has always been to stay in the moment, I don’t worry about next week, next month and certainly not next March when Mason turns three!  I prefer to look at my sweet baby and celebrate all of his accomplishments… seizures are managed, strabismus surgery was successful, club feet have been surgically repaired, hearing aids are helpful, and he made it through the winter cold season with only two hospitalizations! Mason remains forever happy! I plan to enjoy Mason’s second year of life and will reluctantly begin to plan for his going to school. I welcome any feedback from those parents who have already enrolled their children in school.


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  1. Letty says:

    That’s exciting, yet sad. Just the thought that our babies are growing 🙁 and will soon be off in school is sad. I know they need to grow and gain weight and progress, but for me, it’s still sad to know that they WILL get bigger and may not be as dependent on us is a sad thing. My whole life revolves around my Nathaniel. Everything I do involves him and as much as I know I need time for myself, I dread being without him. I’m sure you feel the same. Just like you, I live in the moment and try not to think about the future. Stay strong mom!

  2. Laurie says:

    Happy Birthday, Mason! Kaylee wanted me to tell you that she misses her boyfriend; I think a summer playdate is in order. 🙂

    I have an appointment next week (7/2) with Jackson schools to begin our transition process; Kaylee turns 3 in January. Do you want to come with me when I go to visit the specialized schools? I am expecting an out-of-district placement, and I want to visit each of the options. I’d love to get another mom’s opinion and for Mason and Kaylee to end up together! Let me know…

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