I haven’t had to vent too much because nothing new has come up….Thank God! I do however, get to brag! Nathaniel is doing so much more. Before, I was still having to swaddle him /tuck his right arm around my back and hug him tightly while he fed with the bottle and now he wants both hands in front so he can play with his feet. He is now more verbal than ever. He’s been saying what sounds to be “ma-ma-ma-ma” over and over. He’s kinda standing. Still with assistance and is sitting up with better control of his upper body and head, but more frequently and he’s sleeping much longer, like almost 12 hours. My PT says that baby’s grow while they sleep so I wonder if he’s fixing to have a growth spurt. Everyone says that he looks longer but I guess I don’t see it because he and I are always together. I mean, he’s still wearing 0-3 months and some 6-9 months. So, he’s still small but longer I guess. Because he is my last baby, I used to say, “I don’t want him to grow.” But now, even though I don’t want him to, I need him to. I’m just glad to be able to post an awesome update.


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  1. JillH says:

    My son Peyton is a few weeks older than Nathaniel is almost the same size. He is to long for the 0-3 month pants but to skinny for the next size! His development sounds a lot like your son’s as well.

  2. shirley bidnick says:

    Tall, slim and handsome, a great start. I remember doing that swaddle thing while feeding Rochelle, because she resisted the bottle. I didn’t know about the swallowing problems associated with WHS then. I just did what worked. I guess that is what all good mothers do.

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