Mia, albeit as a fairly passive participant until now, has always seemed to enjoy her bath time. Something she discovered during our recent trip, however, was the unbridled joy of splashing. Moreover, she seems to take great pleasure in responding to her deranged parents’ incessant demands of “ready… steady… splash, splash, splash!”

This short clip was taken during a quick dunk in the kitchen sink of the apartment we were renting in New York and, despite having watched it what feels like a hundred times, I still can’t do so without smiling.

Bath time in NYC

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  1. JillH says:

    Made me smile as well! Thanks for sharing, she is adorable.

  2. Heather18 says:

    Oh, so great! I love Mia postings. I love that she anticipates when to splash with momma’s “ready-steady….” That shows great cognition, of course, but it’s also just darn cute. Come stateside again! America wants more Mia…

  3. Letty says:

    I’m so upset….for some reason, I can’t view the video 🙁 She’s precious, though. How old is Mia?

  4. Ross says:

    Thanks guys. Letty, the video player may rely on Flash, which would mean it won’t play on iphones/ipads – Mia is 15 months old.

  5. Letty says:

    I was finally able to watch the video…..Mia is so precious!!! Mia and Nathaniel are about the same age. I went back to your original post and did my math. I will definately follow and not compare-but compare milestones. I clicked on “child locations” and there are like 200-something other children in the US, so it’s nice to have some form of expectations at certain ages. Mia is no doubt lucky to have awesome parents such as yourselves. Keep up the good work. During one of Nathaniel’s many hospitalizations, I was told, “Special children are given to special parents.” That’s just what we are 🙂

  6. Shirley Bidnick says:

    Too cute, and so smart! She comes in right on cue. The marvel of it all is knowing how hard she is working to do this. It requires great effort and concentration and she is so proud of herself. Mom is obviously ecstatic. You captured a lovely moment.

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