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I’m not sure if all of the wolfhirschhorn.org community knows about this year’s upcoming National Gathering in Indianapolis, Indiana, for families and friends of kids with 4p-/WHS.  Our family has attended this four day long event,  sponsored by the 4p- Support Group, ever since we found out our son was diagnosed with 4p-.  We have learned that the every-other-year National Gatherings provide a great opportunity to meet other families and to learn more about our unique journey.  Therefore, I just want to share with you all how to find more information about this year’s event.
To learn more and to register visit www.4p-supportgroup.org.  The website also has a detailed agenda of all the activities that will take place; including specifics about Kammy’s Kause, a Music Festival dedicated to supporting kids and families coping with 4p-. 
This year’s gathering will be held from Wednesday, July 18th – Sunday, July 22nd, 2012.  There is financial assistance available to help families attend the gathering.  The financial assistance requests need to be submitted by March 30th; and applications are available on the 4p- Support Group website. 
Typically, at least 60 families from all over the world attend each National Gathering.  We have met so many wonderful families who have provided great support and friendship to us.  We hope to see you there!   
 Sincerely, Felicia, Mom to Vincent ’03

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