Well it seems like alot has happened in the last month or so, Marley is creeping up on the big 1st birthday, where has time gone.

The last week she has really found her voice, she has finally started to consistantly do baby talk, and I can’t get enough of it 🙂 she also just recently started to smile consistenly at me which again I can’t get enough of, she still isn’t sitting up yet but we are working hard on helping her get there. Still no solids but she loves her bottle and has just increased her feedings to 5oz every 3 hours give or take, she is up to 10lbs 14oz.

She has had one more fairly long seizure about 40 minutes, so our neurologist has supplied us with a rescue medication for if it happens again, so I feel much more prepared for the next time a seizure occurs, she has also started having some very quick and small seizures over the last 3-4 weeks they only last 3-4 seconds and maybe 2-3 some days and other days none, they don’t seem to be disturbing her so I have just been keeping an eye on them.

All in all I really feel like she is starting to blossom and it’s great 🙂 Keep posted for the big first birthday pictures.


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4 Responses to Update

  1. Ross says:

    Lovely update, Ebony. Glad to hear Marley is doing so well!

  2. LeeAnn M says:

    Those eyes! Wow! It must be so cool seeing her smile so much now! Loved to hear how well she is doing.

  3. taylorbug says:

    Happy first Birthday Marley!

  4. Letty says:

    She is so adorable!!!

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