Livi is 8 months old and a few first moments have happened in the past three months. Her first coldwhich lasted a little over seven weeks, with her not eating much and throwing everything that went in up. She lost 6 ounces in those seven weeks and I was a wreck. She wanted to eat but she started to associate it with throwing up. At this point her zantac stopped working and we moved on to prilosec which she threw up no matter how it was given to her. We then tried prevacid and have been doing great on that. We did not have to go to the hospital (knock on wood). We also gained back the 6 ounces and then some.  She is also eating more now.   Then there was Thanksgiving. Just a family dinner at Aunt Sue’s. This was her first taste of turkey and mashed potatoes. As mommom was feeding her she feel asleep. Must have been the tryptophan that caused her to sleep. Next was our pictures with Santa. Livi didn’t seem to care one bit about the man in the big red suit, but I wanted pictures of it. Then Christmas. Livi didn’t really know what was going on but she’d make people’s day when she would laugh or giggle when shown a gift. She was quite happy Christmas Eve and Christmas day despite that she was still sick at this time and throwing up everywhere. For Christmas, she got the wingbo to help with her neck and head strength. At first she didn’t last long, but now she holds for minutes, especially if Jerry Springer is on. Her First New Years was spent at home and in bed. Her brother had gotten sick with a fever and we missed our friend’s party. With the new year, we dropped our early intervention OT and started at Weismann’s Rehabilitation Center. We are already seeing better reaction to the new OT. She rolled over from her front to her back twice for the babysitter. She hasn’t done it since. She is still chewing her hands but has actually found her thumbs to chew on. She is chewing on them and drooling like crazy but no teeth yet. She loves watching people as they talk and even turns to her name now, even though she has many names. She is still has difficultly holding things but likes to bring toys to her mouth if helped. Bath time is still one of her favorite times of the day. No matter what mood she is in, give her a bath and she is moving and talking a mile a minute. Mommom gave her a bath the other day and comment “I haven’t seen her move this much ever.”   At present Livi is sick again and had her first fever a few days ago.  It wasn’t very high and with tylenol it was kept at bay and only last a day.  No hospital visit.  Whew!   She loves eating her baby food now, especially Yo Baby yogurt and sweet potatoes.  We go in for a GI visit on friday. Looking for her to weigh @ 16lbs.   The last time we were at feeding, they actually made me feel good about the decisions I make for Livi. Oh and she had age appropriate weight gain.  Still at 5%, but on a normal growth chart.  Thanks to parents on here who helped me supplement her feedings.  Hopefully we will have a few more first before her 1st birthday.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Livi is amazing! I cannot get over her weight and growth! 🙂 Sorry that she was hit with illness so many times this past year; hopefully it will mean that she has developed a stronger immune system as a result. I love that photo of her in the Christmas gift box~ PERFECT!

  2. KevinO says:

    So glad to hear that her feeding has come around. Hearing about her throwing up brings back such stressful memories. Thank you for sharing her! She’s very cute.

  3. Nichole says:

    I would love some of your feeding tips! Ansel is 9 months and fully breastfed. He is almost 13 pounds. He lost a lot when he was sick in Dec with RSV… We just started applesauce, pears, bannana and sweetpotatoe with coconut oil in the potatoe…what else can I add? He only eats about a tablespoon at a time. Anything you might suggest would be wonderful! So glad that she is gaining to well!

  4. Misty says:

    We add butter to everything she eats. Plus we try only to give her high calorie food, like yogurt, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, avacadoes, mac and cheese, egg yolk, ravioli. I make everything for her, so when I make it I add butter and oil. We add cheese sauce to her vegggies and she only gets fruit that is added to other food. We add a scoop of formula to her food. We used to add a scoop per ounce but on Alimentum the flavor of the formula was too strong and she would eat it. When we started she would only eat a tablespoon. We stopped for a few weeks when she was sick and after that she just started eating it really good. And Livi is formula feed, so it makes it a little easier to supplement. Hope this helps a little. Post your questions in the discussion. There are a lot of parents who can give you a list of foods. Also I googled high calorie foods and increasing calories in baby food

  5. Letty says:

    She’s precious. I hope she doesn’t have any more illnesses.

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