2012/2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest

Every child in this contest has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome and is afflicted with various levels of physical, mental and growth delays. This contest was created in 2011 to give our kids a stage to tell the world how great they truly are. Last year, we gave away 4 iPads and this year we are giving away iPads and iTunes gift cards to the top contest winners. With new technology and apps designed to help children with disabilities, our children are are now given more tools to help further their development. As of the start of this contest, $2300 is available to donate to the top vote recipients, with an additional prize given to one contestant at random. Last year, we raised an additional $1000 during the course of the voting period and have a goal of doubling the prizes this year. Donations can be given near the vote button at the bottom of this page.

How to Vote

This page includes pictures of all of the children in their Halloween costumes that have entered the contest. Select the child you would like to vote for and hit the VOTE box at the bottom. There are 60 total entries, so make sure to check out all of the kids. Each household will only be able to vote once. VOTING WILL BE OPEN UNTIL SATURDAY NOVEMBER 10th, 11pm Central Time US. The voting tallies are kept secret and the results will be published on Sunday the 11th.

If you would like to know more about any of our kids, select their name on the right to read their story.


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Make a DONATION today towards the development of a child.
100% of ALL proceeds will be given back to the community and a childs development. Thank you!


65 Responses to 2012 Halloween

  1. Michelle says:

    We love you Kamila ! Aunty Michelle, Uncle Erick, Mark, Graham, Amie and Chandler =)

  2. Susan M Grobsmith says:

    Olivia Stella We miss you and LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Love Great Aunt Susan & the Gang in Syr.

  3. greywolf says:

    horay for Grace

  4. Cindy Van Hoose says:

    Kamila you look amazing!!!We love you and miss you…
    Aunt Cindy & Uncle Dave

  5. Donna says:

    Evan is God’s precious gift to his great parents and family and his new little sister, Kylie. God Bless them all. <3

  6. Kaylin says:

    Good luck to you all!! I love you Karly bug!! Xoxoxo

  7. Araceli says:

    Good Luck Awi!! we love u Ydrogo Gals and Dad

  8. Lou M says:

    good luck Kaylee!!

  9. Kim Coulter says:

    Olivia Stella…..the best lobsta that NH ever had. Too Cute. Love ya and miss ya…….Honey and Grampy

  10. Krystal reed says:

    Go Grace xxxx

  11. Monica says:

    Ava is such a doll. Her parents have been kind and strong. She has been to the hospital many times and their faith in God is still strong. Vote for Ava as this family is a strong family that is always being tested and their love and faith never waiver. Ava is a gift from God and she is so loving and sweet. My heart swells everytime I am able to see her. You can’t help but fall in love with Ava!

  12. Cheryl says:

    Mason is a doll!

  13. Renee says:

    Good luck Olivia

  14. Michelle says:

    Good Luck Olivia!

  15. Liz says:

    Good luck to all x x x

  16. Linda says:

    My vote is for Faith as Abby

  17. Rachel and Jess says:

    We love you Evan! You are the cutest Doctor I’ve ever seen!!

  18. Harvey Austin says:

    Holy cow, lol adoreable

  19. Claire says:

    Alexanne… the nicest pink monster!

  20. Linda says:

    Princess Lulu and her carriage! Adorable!

  21. Amy Layton says:

    Leo The Lion is the sweetest little boy!

  22. donna says:

    Good luck Alexanne

  23. Nicole says:

    We love you liam!!!! Cutest lil monkey ever!!!

  24. Ihor W. Husar says:

    Most handsome!

  25. Barbara A. Husar says:

    My prescious grandson!

  26. Stephanie Caldwell says:

    The best!

  27. Jonathan Caldwell says:

    Wonderful boy.

  28. Jonathan Caldwell says:


  29. Scott Caldwell says:

    My boy!

  30. Robert A. Albracht says:


  31. The Gawels says:

    JD-Youre the coolest dude we know!! Luv you buddy!!

  32. JULLIEN Sophie says:

    bonjour à tous je suis la maman de Maxence,je crois que nous sommes les seuls français !!
    tous les enfants sont merveilleux bonne chance à tous !!

  33. Kayla Kusik says:

    Love all of these! Super cute and creative! Makes me so happy to see them all dressed up and happy 🙂

  34. Tara Lau says:

    They are all so cute!!!

  35. Candi Lann says:

    Love you Taylor Bug!!!!!

  36. Alberta says:

    All God’s angels! Love you, Sophie Lu Who!

  37. The Gawel says:

    I am getting a lot of feedback from friends and family that after they vote they are not getting confirmation…just a black screen. This is on the first attempt to vote. Anyone else?

  38. The Gawels says:

    Also, everyone from my work let me know it says “thank you, we already have counted your vote” when they have not voted yet. Is it because we use the same server at work? Do they have to go home and do it?

  39. KevinO says:

    It’s a technical snafu on the black screen, not sure how to fix that right now. I will look into it. It puts them at the bottom of the page, in the footer. Yes, on the voting because the only way to keep people from potentially cheating is to block an IP address once a vote has been made. Doing it at home will work.

  40. Dulcie Canales says:

    Adorable pictures. Lots of love, JD!!!

  41. Digna Vela says:

    Thank you for letting me know about the contest. I can’t think of a more beautiful child to vote for.

    Sr. Digna

  42. Selina Broadshaw says:

    It is so hard to choose? They are all so cute
    Lucy Super baby

  43. Letty Nolan says:

    JD definitely rocks! Yes, I got a black screen and did not know if the vote was counted.

  44. Tracy Nolan says:

    I voted for JD. Good luck, dude!

  45. Janelle says:

    Keira is sooo cute in her ghost outfit! I love it!!!!!

  46. Michelle Rizzo says:

    They’re all so stinkin’ cute!!

  47. Melinda Ruby says:

    Yeah Chase you cute little Monkey 🙂

  48. Anonymous says:

    cute Elmo

  49. Anonymous says:

    Cash Franco is the coolest Superman! What a handsome boy! We love you!!!

  50. Rebecca Soliz says:

    She is one cute Oompa Loompa!

  51. Dawn Lawler says:

    Leo The Lion

  52. Rebecca Soliz says:

    The cutest!

  53. Martha says:

    Superman(Cash) is so cute!! He has my vote!

  54. Blue angel Irene says:

    They are all adorable.. If only I could vote them all.. But I need to choose.. I go for Leo the lion.. God bless those little angels..

  55. Carol says:

    They were all cute… not an easy task. Thank you for this opportunity

  56. Pam Moser says:

    Such a sweetie

  57. susan says:

    They are all dear little children, and all deserve to win. They have all won our hearts, that’s for sure. You are all little darlings..

  58. Gregory Ross says:

    All of the are cute in their holloween costumes.

  59. Blue says:

    Wow, it’s so hard to choose just one!
    They’re all awesome, but I managed to pick one for 1st place.

  60. ekmiller says:

    They are all so adorable, but Mason is the cutest Teddy bear ever! :o)

  61. MomHawk says:

    They are all superstars!

  62. Doug says:

    All Cute…Hard to choose the cutest!!!

  63. Ross says:

    For anyone who might not be aware… the results of the contest are over on the Facebook page.

  64. jamie wallace says:

    Her is cute

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