It’s been awhile since my last update on Livi. Since work school started life has been crazy. Livi started at the bay sitters and does wonderful there. Melissa, Livi’s baysitter is a godsend. It’s like she was ment to be Livi’s sitter. Livi has put on a little weight. At 5 months she is 12lbs 9ozs and 24 1/2 inches long. She is still eating out of a bottle. It is sometimes still a fight but she is down from 1-2 hours to 15-30 minutes. She only eats @4ozs. They (doctors) want here to eat more but it just isn’t happening.
Livi passed her hearing test finally. Apparently she had fluid in her ear and because of her cleft palate may get fluid there often.
We went and got her ears pierced. The deal was that she wasn’t
getting them pierced til she picked up her head, but I couldn’t wait any longer, so I did it. And then a week later she was holding her
head up.
She is increasing her neck and head strength. She can lift it from
prone but doesn’t hold it for too long. She has discovered her hands
and will bring them to her mouth to chew on as we think she may
have started teething.
We have tried feeding her homemade baby food. She has tried
applesauce and sweet potatoes that she loves, and avacadoes and
green beans that she could do without.
She is practicing grasping and holding objects.
Right now she has a really bad cough and isn’t feeling well. Hopefully she feels better soon, she’s crabby like her dad when she
is sick.


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  1. Laurie says:

    Great updates~ although I am sorry to hear that Livi is feeling under the weather. The winter is a tough time for our kiddos, and the less you can take her out in public places, the healthier she will be (an tidbit of unsolicited advice). Kaylee’s first year was really rought because she didn’t have her feeding tube, and the slightest congestion made it very difficult for her to eat orally. Love to Livi~ hope to see you guys soon! xo

  2. shirley bidnick says:

    I enjoy your posts so much. Your refreshing approach to parenting a child with WHS comes through in little remarks like, ‘she is crabby like her dad when she’s sick’. Rochelle is so pathetic when she is sick. I can’t think like that, but I wish I could. Your humour lightens the load. Your little story about the pierced ears made me smile too. I wanted to get Rochelle’s ears pierced, but I never did. I couldn’t inflict any more pain on her, even though they would have been pretty. I think I was way too serious. You take your parenting seriously, but you also seem to have fun with it when you can. When I read about Olivia and the other children, I identify with the things our children have in common, but I marvel at the wide range of parent personalities that are revealed in the stories. I am also stuck by the strength I see in young parents.

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