I am proud to say that our voice as a community was heard today and everyone did a phenomenal job of showing the world what our kids are all about. Upon embarking on this contest, I set some goals for the site, it’s visitor traffic and votes that our kids will receive over the course of this week. Nearly every goal has been reached in a little less than 24 hours. My hat goes off to all of the participants on just the first day of voting. We have 5 days left and I hope that there is still some gas in the tank for the encore! In order to put this into perspective, I have to share some data as a point of reference.

The Easter contest that was run in April featured 14 contestants and landed a total of 1100 votes over a week’s period. As far as general site traffic goes, our average traffic includes about 175-200 daily visitors. Our best single day of traffic was last Thursday in advance of the entry deadline, reaching 750 visitors. There were a few other days where we eclipsed 700+ visitors, but today’s stats BLEW AWAY anything this site has seen before. I am in awe as I look through the numbers.

With 30 minutes left in the day, the numbers are staggering. Here is what WE accomplished today for our kids and for Wolf-Hirschhorn:

  • 4,700 visits to the site in just 24 hours (24x the normal day of traffic)
  • 3,800 NEW visitors to the site
  • 11,500 page views
  • Almost 200 new comments
  • 3,600+ visits to the Halloween voting page
  • 2,500+ votes tallied


Many of you have also asked the question and are very curious as to where the voting stands. A free iPad is no small prize, so I can understand the anxiety. So, here’s what I plan on doing throughout the week… I will provide small updates of information that will give everyone a tidbit of what’s going on. Part of the fun is the suspense that builds as part of the contest, so I don’t want to give too much away. I plan on posting nuggets of information in the DISCUSSION part of this web site. That section needs more love, so hopefully we’ll get a few more people looking over there for helpful information. You can use your same log in for the discussion board as you do for the main part of the web site. I plan on posting something after this article goes live, so swing on by and see what’s in store. We’ll make it fun!

I am proud of what we’ve accomplished in just one day and look forward to the remainder of the week. It’s an exciting time for all of us. Thank you for being a part of our community and participating in this great event!

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2 Responses to A Historic Day for our Kids and for Wolf-Hirschhorn

  1. JillH says:

    Thank you for everything you do for the parents and kids Kevin!

  2. LeeAnn says:

    So cool that you shared all the stats with us…that is stunning! So amazing, but this site will just keep growing and have continued success because its an AWESOME place for families to connect and for us to share the world of Wolf-Hirschhorn with friends!

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