This year Claire was Cookie Monster for Halloween. Cookie Monster is known for always stealing people’s cookies. “Me want cookie, me eat cookie” are some typical phrases said by the Cookie Monster. Well, Claire is notorious for stealing things from people too. But instead of stealing people’s cookies, she steals people’s hearts. Anyone that meets Claire is immediately smitten by her sweet and loving spirit. Her sweet, gummy smile can brighten a room within seconds.

She recently has started rolling, shes getting better and better at it, she grabs everything close to her (this is a huge accomplishment! Up until now she has never used her hands) She laughs hysterically at her mom and dad and anyone willing to make a fool of themselves for her just to get a giggle or smile out of her.

As her parents, we feel very blessed to have had such a sweet little girl steal our hearts.


9 Responses to Cookie Monster Claire :)

  1. Therese says:

    Cutie 🙂

  2. JillH says:

    Way to go Claire on rolling, you are on the move! She is so beautiful! Her smile is contagious.

  3. Chelsea Laurio says:

    Claire is a beautiful gift who has also stolen my heart, Lindz you have a precious gift and I am so grateful to be a part of her life thank you for sharing. Love you Claire Bear.
    Love Auntie Chelsea

  4. Meg Nero says:

    Sweet Baby Claire, you stole your Aunt Meg’s heart the moment I held you and you looked in my eyes! I love you sweet girl!

  5. Heather says:

    She is a beautiful girl, and that is a super sweet costume!

  6. Tara lingle says:

    Claire has stolen not only my heart but also my 3 daughters hearts. She is the heart of our dance company. We love little Claire.

  7. Penni Johnston says:

    Oh sweet little baby Claire!! She makes my day when i get to carry her around the gym when her mama is busy with dance!! Love her,she is so precious!

  8. EllaRae says:

    What a charmer, got to love those beautiful eyes.

  9. Letty says:

    Cutest Cookie Monster EVER!

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