Hi everyone. I haven’t been checking the site so much lately but have really enjoyed catching up with all your stories just now. It has been a busy but fun few months for us, so I’ll try and fill you in with some of what we’ve been up to…

Mia will be 9 months old next week, she started at nursery (2.5 days/wk) a couple of months ago and settled in pretty much straight away, better than we could have ever hoped. She seems to love spending time with the other kids and the staff are great at including her in everything and coming up with fun activities to help with her development.

A few weeks ago Vicki noticed Mia twitching in a way that didn’t seem quite normal, albeit for only a few seconds. We visited the neurologist the next day for an EEG, which didn’t show any abnormality, but he reckoned she is probably having occasional ‘petit mal’ seizures. Thus far these episodes have not got any more frequent or severe and don’t seem to be affecting Mia in any way – and long may that continue.

Mia’s physio hooked us up with a great Tumbleform chair, which has meant her car seat no longer needs to bear the brunt of the invariably messy meal times. On that topic, feeding is going really well – Mia is actively interested in food and demolishes pretty much whatever we offer to her including salmon, spinach, chicken liver, baby pasta and cheesy mashed potato. She has recently started grabbing the spoon, bottle or bits of food during feeding time and putting them in (or at least towards) her mouth herself, which is a real joy to see.


We are just back from a week in Spain; where Mia experienced her first air travel, trip to the beach and dip in the ocean – all of which went without a hitch. At her last weigh-in she was 9lb 7oz – here are a few snaps from our trip to show you just how much she has grown…

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6 Responses to Can it really be 9 months already?!

  1. Laurie says:

    She is amazing~ and beautiful! I am so impressed with how she eats and is holding her cup on her own. She definitely is an inspiration, and I am so happy for all of you that Mia is doing so exceptional in her growth and development! That last photo of you both is priceless! xo

  2. Heather says:

    great update! She is eating so well, even directing food toward her mouth, which is just amazing. My son eats well but has never shown an interest in bringing the food to his mouth himself, so I think that’s a good sign for Mia. I’m also happy to hear that the nursery school experience has been a good one. I’m sure the interaction is great for her.

  3. LeeAnn says:

    Good to hear news from you, can’t believe she’s 9 months already! Love that you include lots of pics, the one with her face lit up reading the book is my favorite.

  4. Shannon says:

    Mia sounds like she’s doing awesome! And she has such a beautiful face!

  5. KevinO says:

    Ross, I finally got around to reading this. Mia is doing great. The fact that she can get times with other kids is awesome. That will really help her development. Looks like she was digging the beer, which is also a good sign!

  6. Shirley Bidnick says:

    You seem to have an amazing talent for creating an ordinary life for your extraordinary baby. You are telling an important story with Mia’s life.

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