Hello to all. My church recently had a craft show and while there I talked to a lady named Mary Cifone who makes these awesome bunting bags for babies and I wanted one for Arin but with Arin’s feeding tube it would not work the way it was so in talking with Mary and explaining the syndrome (and this web site for more information) she stated that she could make an opening for the tube to be put through. I immediately ordered one and before I left she came up to me and stated that she was making me another one 1 size larger to show to all of you. When I went to pick them up tonight there were actually 2 other larger ones for Arin and to show all of you. She also stated that if anyone else on here orders one and mentions WHS she will donate 10% of the cost back to this website to be used for anything we wish. She can make them for larger children also (especially nice if you have one that will not keep blankets on like mine). She can adapt them for slings and just about anything else and with or without the feeding tube adaption. Please email me at briannahauck@yahoo.com or her at angelsrwithus.always@gmail.com for more information just mention Arin Hauck and the website. 

I have included pictures of the ones she made for Arin and she can make ones for either boys or girls with fleece or flannel. Already loving the one we are using as now Arin just needs a long sleeve shirt and her legs are free (easier for those late night diaper changes as it zips up the side as well as the velcro shoulder straps. 


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  1. KevinO says:

    Awesome idea! We love fund raisers! Let’s spread the word.

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