Elijah has surgery tomorrow; this is the first surgery since Elijah came home from the NICU.  Elijah is getting a more permanent feeding tube, we are also going forward with the Nissen and LADD’s Procedure, as well as a hernia repair from the bladder exstrophy Elijah has at birth. There is a four day stay in the hospital at best and a three week recover, but this has been suggested to be the best option and to have a far better outcome then keeping the NJ tube or having just the NG tube placed at this time. And although this is suggested to be the best option it doesn’t keep me form worrying about the unknowns to come with such a procedure. I’m just hoping for as few complication as possible.  May god be the hand of the surgeon in that operating room tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Surgery Tomorrow!

  1. Hilary says:

    Thinking of sweet Elijah and your family today and tomorrow!

  2. Kristy says:

    Praying for you all and sweet Elijah, may he have a quick recovery.

  3. Karen says:

    I remember when my little grandson, Brodie, had his surgery for the cleft-palate….such an emotional and scary time. I will be keeping you all in my prayers today that all goes well and Elijah will have a quick and uncomplicated recovery. Blessings!!

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