I wanted to share with all of you how blessed I am feeling right now.  Let me back up and fill you all in.  For months now I have been trying to get California Children’s Services to approve a gait trainer and a pair of Surestep orthotics for Dylan.  It has been an uphill battle, but one that I have not given up on.  I shared my struggles on my personal blog and with a few of my fellow WHS mamas and yesterday Dylan received a very large package in the mail and inside was a brand new reverse walker and a pair of Suresteps orthotics!  These were sent from a fellow WHS family whom I have never met in person, we only know eachother through blogging, email, and facebook, however I feel as if I have known them for years.  I was so deeply touched by this generosity and wanted to say THANK YOU Lauren and Norrah for passing on this amazing equipment!  We love you so very much! 


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  1. Karen says:

    Hi Kristy, I am Lee Ann’s mom (Brodie’s grandma) and I have enjoyed keeping up with Dylan’s progress for awhile now. What an awesome gift for a precious little boy! I know that Dylan is going to do amazing…he looks like he’s ready to get going. The pictures brought tears to my eyes and I’m so happy for you all. Blessings!!

  2. LeeAnn says:

    I love these new pics of Dylan, he looks so excited to be up on his legs in that walker. This is an awesome community and I’m sure more kids could share suresteps since they all have the same little feet:) Funny story about how Brodie got his….He was asked to be in a university study an hour and 45 min. and he could get the Suresteps for free which would normally cost us $600 for what insurance wouldn’t pay. My mom said “i don’t think Brodie can go in the car that far right now are you sure we should take him all the way up there several times for the study?” I said “for $600 we can!” Well I got lost and was so flustered to be late and had run out of gas so the very next opportunity to get gas was a hole-in-the-wall station that only took cash and had a pump I had no idea how to even use…my mom is always so helpful and positive, she said “i got this covered, take this $20 in there and I’ll pump.” Turns out it was diesel lol we made it 100 yards on the highway before violently stopping, Brodie got his first ride in a tow truck and the cost of the diesel flush was $700. We had to be rescued back to our hometown by my sister and then return to get my car a couple days later. All for his Suresteps but totally worth it:)

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