Well Taylor(my daughter) is in her 24th week of pregnancy. We drove to St. Louis to the Fetal Care Institute to see some amazing physicians and staff. Met a wonderful geneticist who put us in contact with people in our area who have children with WHS..all two :). We have decided after a roller coaster of emotions to just stop and enjoy the preganancy…we cant change the outcome,we wont know the severity til our baby girl is here and so we are just going to keep on living(although I find myself randomly crying daily( I feel ridiculous)…anyways if anyone is a member of facebook we have a page going and would love for you to join   http://www.facebook.com/groups/236547019701943/?ap=1

Thank you for all your continued stories as they do help tremendously!!!Bless you all and your amazing families.

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7 Responses to Prayers for Mira…

  1. Laurie says:

    I clicked on the link and it brought me to an Amanda Peyton– is that the right page? Lots of love and even greater luck as you both continue in this journey. We are here for you and your daughter!

  2. chaosnks says:

    Sorry…link is incorrect…fixed it!!:)

  3. Carissa says:

    Where are you located? I live near Springfield, MO. It’s only a 3 hour drive southwest of St. Louis …

  4. chaosnks says:

    @ Carissa we are in the Kansas City area…I think its still about a three hour drive from Springfield

  5. Carissa says:

    We’re no strangers to the KC area. We visit there often. Maybe your daughter & I can meet up sometime after our babies are born.

  6. chaosnks says:

    that would be fantastic!!!

  7. Hilary says:

    Hello! I’m so happy you found this site!! Our daughter, Magnolia, just turned 10 months old. It seems like just yesterday we were given her diagnosis. At that time we didn’t know of any other kids close to us. We live in Wichita and have just recently met another adorable little girl who lives here and we know of a couple of kids by Lawrence. Please feel free to email me. I would love to get together.



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