Taylor is doing great!  Since we have had the dental work done, she has gained 4 lbs.  She is 3 years old and weighs 25 lbs!  She started school last year and is getting ready to start back again this year.  I have a few pics that I want to share of Taylor at the beach.  She had the best time ever!  She is starting to say a lot of words.  She can say momma, daddy, Chelsea, Jt, kitty, ok, thank you, and “love you too”.  There is a lot more that she is working on.  When you ask her how old she is she will respond by saying “three”.  She will count one, two, three.  She doesn’t understand what counting is (yet) but she will say the numbers up to three.  She can feed her self very well now and is learning on drinking out of a regular cup.  We are still working on the potty training.  I can tell her to go potty and she will run to the potty but so far has only used it 3 times.  Any helpful ideas on potty training would be greatly appreciated!  When she gets hurt she will say boo… boo and run to me to kiss it.  She loves to play in front of the mirror brushing her hair and looking at her clothes.  She loves to play with everyone’s hair.  She knows just about all of her body parts and can touch them when we ask her to touch one.  She is learning everyday and I am so proud of her.  Thank you to everyone that shares their stories on here because it really does help families like mine!  One more thing.  Has anyone had any problems with toe nails being real thick and discolored?  We have a Dr. appointment but it is 2 months away and I was just wondering about what is going onwith her toe nails.  Thanks and I hope everyone is doing well! 


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  1. M chung says:

    Beautiful family…very inspiring!! thank you x

  2. Shannon says:

    Taylor’s a little rockstar! And she’s gorgeous! Wonderful update! 🙂

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