Hy, Kevin! I am Aura from Bucharest, Romania. I’m gonna be short because I still can’t talk about it, I’m in so much pain. When I was almost 34, in 2008, on the 2nd of October, I gave birth to a beautiful girl. We named her CEZARA ANDREEA. I also had a boy, Victor. He was seven years old. During the pregnancy, I was OK. I did all the analyses that the doctor told me to do. In our family it hasn’t been any medical problem, a serious one. The baby was OK, but the weight was kind of small. Cezara came into this world at 22.15. When the doctor showed her to me, I instantly knew that she wasn’t OK. She was different…all the head: the eyes, the nose…Outside the delivery-room there were my husband, my mother and my sister-in-law. When I saw them, I began to cry, telling them that she was so small…Next day I went to see her at the new-born room. I found out that she was on perfusions, on a feeding tube…The doctor told me that she had some kind of syndrome but  they didnt’t know anything about it. I spend two weeks in the hospital, she didnt’t eat proprely, she didn’t gain much weight. When I was in the hospital we went with her to a geneticist. That doctor took a picture of her and she told me to come back with the little one after few days to do another blood analyses.We did that and, at the end of November, we found out that our little girl had the WHS syndrome. She had more problems: with the heart, with the kidneys…When I was at home with her, she ate every two hours, with the bottle, step by step, she gained some weight, not much…But she wasn’t OK. She didn’t follow us with the look, she didn’t cry much…Before Christmas, on the 18th of December, after I put her to bed, she began to cry and to fetch a sigh, she couldn’t breath anymore. In 10 minutes we rushed with her to a children’s hospital in Bucharest. When we arrived there, she was near to death. Just 5 more minutes and…The doctors put her on the ventilator, on perfusions. I can’t tell you in what state of mind I was. Nobody was telling us a thing. After few hours, we found out that Cezara had a severe pneumonia. I think that, because her immunity system was low, she caught  a cold, some germ…I don’t know. I spent 8 months with her in the hospital. After three months, she still couldn’t breath on her own. Because of that, the doctors made her a thracheotomy. She had good days, and bad days. She was never alone. Someone stood by her every minute: me, my husband, my mother, my sister in law, a girl that we knew. But it was me who spent with her most of the time. I cryied, I prayed, the hospital was my second home. After 8 difficult months Cezara lost the fight. When she was almost 11 months old, on the 22nd of August 2009, she became an angel. It was such a tragedy in our family. After 2 years, I still cry, I still wonder why, why me, why her? Everybody tells me the same thing: it was God’s will. In 2010 I took the courage and I gave birth to a beautiful boy, named Theodore. He managed to put away some of the pain. Now he is 8 months old and with his brother, Victor, they are my caress. After 2 years there isn’t any moment that I don’t think about Cezara, my little girl, my angel. I think that in Heaven, where she is, she takes care of us, she watches above us.She will be for ever my little girl, CEZARA ANDREEA.That’s why I understand very well the problems that other people have close to a WHS syndrome persone. All I can say is that they must be strong in order to help the child with this problem. God will be on their side! I hope I hear from you soon!


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  1. KevinO says:

    Hi Aura… It breaks my heart to know what you went through. It also amazes me that great people such as yourself find us and share your story, even after your child passes. I can’t imaging the suffering that you’ve been through and it means a lot to all of us that you bear through your pain and tell us about your experience. Thank you for being a part of the community and telling us about Cezara. I would have love to have met her.

  2. aura rusu says:

    Thank you, Kevin, for your kind words! it made me feel so good! I will try to send some pictures of Cezara. bye-bye!

  3. LeeAnn says:

    I’m very touched by your story, I hope you continue to find more peace in time and that your family has many happy times with your angel watching over you all. You are a beautiful and strong mother to have helped your baby fight for so long, I’m so sorry she wasn’t able to hang on. So many painful things do not make sense but just know you are not alone in what you have endured, so many in our community have lived the same experience as you or similar and so many have lost their little ones far too soon, we understand your pain here and grieve for your loss with you, I’m glad you found this place to share your story.

  4. Letty says:

    I am sorry to hear of your loss…..it doesn’t matter how long ago it is in anyone’s case, it’s always a huge tragedy. I’m glad that you were able to post her story….she will forever live on. Stay strong.

  5. Tamara says:

    Thank you for posting on my story. I am crying while reading about your little baby. How lucky I am to have my little Cassidy with me!

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