This was a big weekend in our house! On Saturday we threw a party for Mia’s ‘Naming Day’, our first big party as a family, and on Sunday she turned 6 months old.

We invited about 50 friends, family and neighbours over to our place for food and drinks; Vicki and I made a speech and, along with Jude (my sister and Mia’s guardian), we made promises to Mia. Vicki and I rounded off the short ‘ceremony’ by reading a couple of poems we had chosen for the occasion.

We then asked our guests each to write a message to Mia on a parcel tag and tie it to a tree decoration that hangs in our kitchen. These will then be put in Mia’s memory box for us all to look back on as she grows up. As ever, Mia calmly accepted being the star of the show and generally lapped up the attention.

Our other exciting news is that Mia started eating solids a couple of weeks ago and seems to be loving the new tastes and textures – so far butternut squash appears to be the definite, if somewhat messy, favourite!

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2 Responses to Naming Day

  1. Laurie says:

    What a beautiful idea to celebrate an even more beautiful girl! Happy 6 month Birthday, Mia!

  2. Shirley Bidnick says:

    I’ve never heard of a Naming Day Celebration. Thank you for introducing me to the concept. I understand it is a variation of Christening or Baby Dedication. Rochelle is 33 years old. She was never Named, Christened or Dedicated, and I feel bad about it. Never underestimate the value of giving Mia her own Naming Day Party. It has prompted me to think again about giving Rochelle a belated ceremony. The message tree was a great idea. You will enjoy reading these with Mia when she is 33!

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