We have summer holidays, so the frequency and intensity of Kinga’s therapies is lower. Instead of the educator we are conducting some activities. Kinga and I spent two days on an ophthalmologic unit due to her squint and the decision about the surgery. Next week we are visiting another specialist, as the doctors have doubts. Our neurologist suggests the correction will help Kinga’s perception, but the ophthalmologists are not sure the surgery will help, as they have difficulties with the diagnosis of Kinga’s eyes. Maybe some of you has any experience in this matter?
We are attaching a couple of new pictures and the YouTube profile, where there are Kinga’s videos.

We wish all of you all the best. Looking forward to hearing from you,
Iwona and Maciek – Kinga’s parents

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3 Responses to Some news from Kinga

  1. Shannon says:

    Kinga is awesome! I love the videos and pics! Especially the part in the first video where she lifted the front tire to go up the step with the stroller!! 🙂 I don’t have any experience with eye surgery related things. Emma so far does have glasses that she hates to wear, but they haven’t talked about surgery yet. I hope everything works out well for her!

  2. Mihaela says:

    I love the videos!! Kinga navigates so well the stroller!! I loved the one where she sings a song 🙂 Beautiful little girl, she is doing amazing!

    We do not have any experience with the eye issues you mention. I hope the doctors are able to figure it out and treat it. Best of luck!

  3. LeeAnn says:

    I enjoyed the videos so much! Kinga is doing so well! Thanks for sharing, I hope everything works out well with her eyes, keep us posted.

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