Hi there everyone in WHS land, I have been meaning to do an update since Eve turned 1 however life has taken us over and 4 months later here we are!
Eve is doing great, our little treasure is now 16 months and weighs 6.6kg. She is rolling all over the place, we have had to buy a big carpet rug for our new house because she kept rolling onto the tiles (thinking she was pretty clever). It’s lovely to see her starting to prop up on her arms for longer periods. She has started grasping small toys when you put them in her hand, she will hold it for about 10-15 seconds and swing it from side to side. Eve is very social and will make sweet little noises to get your attention, when she does you get a lovely big smile as a reward, this is her favourite game when we are nursing her while watching TV!
Eve has 6 teeth, 2 top and 2 bottom at the front and has just cut through her two doubles on the top at the back, we didn’t even know so felt a bit bad for not giving her the sympathy she probably deserved!!
We had another seizure due to a high temp two weeks after her fist birthday, she needed to be intubated again which meant another week in hospital. She is still on Keppra which appears to be doing it’s job…touchwood!
Eve goes back to the cardiologist in the next month to see what is happening with her ASD. She has been a little chesty and we could not seem to shake it but the third bout of antibiotics seems to have done the trick. She wasn’t sick but the cough was lingering, so our peaditrician ordered some blood tests to check her immunoglobulans (or something), we were delighted to find out that her immune system appears to be normal. This was a big gold star for Evie, we are pretty happy! Eve is going well with her physio/speech/OT sessions, we try to go once per month. They are very happy with her progress, everytime we go she is doing something new, even if it is small, it’s still something new.
She loves going out in the car and is in her element at school and kindy with all the kids fussing over her. I am thinking we must be due for another holiday, maybe camping this time now that Eve is older, stronger and we are wiser!
Here are some recent pics of our Munchy…
Eve in her Dr Zeuss tights….

Eve on her 1st Birthday….

Eve rocking out some winter woolies….


3 Responses to Eve’s 1 Year Update….just a little late!

  1. Heather says:

    Greatupdate! Thanks for sharing. She sounds like she is at the same developmental stage as my son (20 months now) with the rolling over and just starting to grasp toys. I am happy to hear that she is doing well.

  2. Laurie says:

    She is doing so well! Happy Birthday, Eve! xo

  3. Shannon says:

    Way to Eve, she’s doing awesome! 🙂 Love the pics!

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