Starting in January Brodie’s physical therapist (who he sees once a week for 1 hour) started doing nothing but walking and walking each time she worked with him. She taught us the most comfortable way to hold his arms, one of us on each side, and we walked and walked and walked. At first he could only go 3 minutes or so before he needed to rest, every week he made progress til he could go 10 min, 20 min, then she started walking him further and further each time in big laps around the early intervention facility. Around April she told us she thought Brodie would be walking by summer but end of June was almost here and still no independent steps. We practiced standing at home all the time and watched Brodie’s balance get better and better and then the therapist told us that when he can stand all by himself without holding onto anything but the floor that would be the last thing we would see before he started walking. So we really practiced that for a week and suddenly he did it one time, then two! And it was the very next day he decided to take steps out of it!!!! I just happened to catch it on video too! (so when you watch it you have to hear my annoying ecstatic voice and my quiver voice because I’m absolutely crying!) I cannot even believe what Brodie is accomplishing, I am so proud of him, these are very happy days in our house!

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7 Responses to He’s Walking!

  1. Kristy says:

    Brodie is AMAZING! I was crying watching the video too. I pray that one day Dylan will be walking like Brodie. He is truly an inspiration. 🙂

  2. darren malchow says:

    our son took a long time as well he is now 22 and gets around like we never thought !

  3. cordillh says:

    That is awesome!!! Way to go, Brodie!

  4. Heather says:

    This is SO exciting to see! Yay, Brodie!!! It’s also really encouraging. I think Brodie and my son even look a little similar, so when I watched the video, I am hopefully imagining my own son taking steps some day. Thanks for sharing the exciting news and the video.

  5. LeeAnn says:

    Thanks everyone! Heather I definitely think Brodie and Frank look alike! I hope you post another update soon.

  6. KevinO says:

    wow, look at him go. He is so mobile! He’ll be running in no time…

  7. Marta - Poland says:

    June 30 is my Birthday. If I only knew this little cute boy before, i would only wish a strenght and a brave to him! Go go Brodie!

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