I wanted to add a pic of my little guy and also had some questions about seizures.  When did your children start having them and what kind are they?  I have heard of some kind of test they can do while the child is sleeping to check brain waves or something.  It just seems that it would be hard to distinguish a seizure at this age but have noticed some odd behaviors but not sure if they are just regular baby behaviors….

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  1. Laurie says:

    He is BEAUTIFUL! Seizures vary among the children. For Kaylee, seizures began at about 5 months of age. The test you are asking about is an EEG– they hook wires to his head and monitor the brain wave activity. At some point, they will probably want to do one on Tyler. If you have not found a neurologist yet, I would get one for him…there are multiple reasons why you will want one on his team of specialists. I so look forward to watching him grow and learning more about him!! xo

  2. Brianna says:

    Arin is also only 4 weeks old and her neurologist (Dr. Bean) did an EEG for a baseline and informed us as he treats 3 other WHS children in our area and that the seizures normally start (if they develop them) around 5 months old or as late as 1 yr. We were also told to go on Youtube and look up infant spasms (I think that was the name) and there is a video of what the first few could look like. Also if your son has the skin tag and sacral dimple I would recommend asking your pediatrician to get a sacral ultrasound done as Arin just had one done and was diagnosed with a tethered spinal cord and we are waiting on what the neurologist wants to do and when. Good Luck and love the pic.

  3. Jessica Aman says:

    Hi! He is so cute first of all:). Tanner’s seizures started with a rapid eye blinking usually when his picture was taken. The flash triggered something for him. We had a rough road with our first neurologist but now have a wonderful woman who truly cares. Tanner is on Keppra for his seizures. He was having 20 to 30 a day and only last about 4 seconds. They are decreasing since I’ve starting giving him omega 3 every day in addition to his Keppra. He has had several EEGs and these episodes have been confirmed as generalized seizures. Definitely find a good neurologist. I consider the neurologist Tanner’s most important specialist. I hope this helps:)

  4. Heather says:

    Although seizures are extremely common among our kids, and most kids seem to start within the first year, I thought I should mention that my 17-month old son has not had one. I stay on the “look-out” for them (your pediatrician can tell you what to look for… in very young children it is often rapid blinking or tongue-thrusting), but I am hopeful that it doesn’t have to be a sure thing that he will develop seizures. We did have a 30-minute EEG done when he was 12 months old, and it showed no unusual activity. Our pediatrician wrote the order for the EEG, which we had done at the hospital, but the results were relayed back to us through the ped. I have not felt the need to add a neurologist to our list of specialists at this point. Obviously that would change should he ever start having them. Hope this is helpful (hopeful?) information for you.

  5. Letty says:

    He is precious!!!

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