I can’t believe this was Tanner’s 3rd Easter!!!  Time goes by so fast.  I had the cutest Easter outfit for him which included long sleeves and a Jeff cap.  THe weather was surprisingly warm so we had to go with plan B.  Tanner makes any outfit super cute though:)  We started the day with Easter baskets and our annual Easter egg hunt with the eggs the boys dyed.  Then we headed to Nona and Pop Pop’s for festivities, family and a yummy ham dinner.  Tanner loves being around other children.  So, hanging out with his brothers and cousins is a perfect day for him.  It’s also highly motivating for him as well.  He’s standing and taking steps in his walker now!!!!!  I’m a proud mommy.  I hope you all had an amazing Easter.  God bless.


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  1. Letty says:

    Sounded like fun 🙂

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