I haven’t posted here in a while but I wanted to share some recent pictures and an update on Dylan.  He is now 23months old and getting so big – well only about 17lbs but he seems HUGE.  He has been able to sit up pretty well now since September but still will only do it when he wants to – he still will just throw himself backwards.  He can be pretty stubborn!  He can stand without his leg braces and is so proud of himself.  This has been a very exciting milestone for us especially since he broke his leg in May 2010. He also recently started to roll consecutively to go for a toy.  He is eating soft table food now and is munching and beginning to learn how to bite.  He actually ate a whole Nutragrain bar the other day and bit off every piece.  He still has a tendency to not want to chew all the time but we are very hopeful that this will soon change.

On Nov. 2nd we welcomed another wonderful addition to our family, Luke.  Dylan has been adjusting well to becoming a big brother.  He loves to reach out and grab Luke’s hair or anything he can get a hold of.  He has even shown a little jealousy especially when I am feeding Luke, I am excited that he is showing this response. He will yell out and stomp his feet for attention(it is very cute I have to say).  Dylan is becoming much more interactive with the world around him.  He is very very vocal and makes lots and lots of sounds.  He has said “hi”  and “yeah,” but only a few times.  I know when he is ready he will say more.  All in all Dylan is a very happy little boy and a joy to our family.

Dylan riding our horse Lily.

My three cutie pies – Hailey, Dylan and Luke


3 Responses to Dylan update

  1. Katie says:

    Great to read the update on Dylan and your family, too! Congratulations on your new little addition! Dylan and Luke are going to be the best of buds (after you get through the whole jealousy phase of it! ;))

  2. KevinO says:

    Hi Kristy. Dylan seems like he is doing well and looks very healthy too! Everyone looks so happy. Glad to see things are going so well. Congrats on your new addition!

  3. christy shields says:

    I am glad that Dylan is doing so great! Congrats on adding Luke to the family. Your pics are just beautiful!

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