Devin is now 16yrs old and going strong. A few months ago a friend of one of my older sons came over on his grandmothers Adult 3 wheel bike, we were all outside and Devin was just sitting there, never realizing that Devin was contemplating taking a ride on the bike, we had our backs turned to Devin and I heard some noise and turned around to find Devin already on the bike and heading down the road!! Lucky for me my son’s friend was able to run and catch Devin and steer him back. I knew then that I wanted to get Devin a bigger bike. I looked for several months at our options and what was available and had almost given up hope of finding something that would work and then the week before Christmas, I was surfing the internet and found in one of our local internet classifieds a bike built for 2! I immediately called and found that the elderly couple had purchased it and because of health issues could not use it, so they had it for sale at a cost of $150. I was just estatic to go and get it with hopes that it would be something that we could use for Devin. The day we brought it home we decided to put Devin on to see if any modifications would be needed and much to my surprise, we were off and riding!!! He can ride for up to 1hr. and just loves this bike. It has been so good for him, and me!!! It was the best Christmas present I could ever have gotten for him, as he as outgrown toys for the most part.. Looking back at the beginning of Devin’s life we would have never believed that he could get this far. He is a real trooper!!! Never underestimate what our children are capable of!!!

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7 Responses to Devin and his new bike for Christmas

  1. crivera75 says:

    Wow! That is so awesome! Can you post pics? I would love to see Devon on the bike!

  2. Heather says:

    This is so exciting to hear! I too would love to see pictures or video, if possible.

  3. KevinO says:

    Yep- Need pictures please!

  4. twalters25 says:

    I actually posted a picture on the site, but not sure where it is. Where should I post it?

  5. Anna says:

    That is absolutely fantastic to hear! Would love to see a picture too. Ryley is just on 9 years old and tries really hard to ride his little brothers bike. We are starting to look into gettting him, but have found that the modified ones are quite expensive.

  6. Edna Turner says:

    For all of the parents: I know Devin personally, and to know him is to love him. Watching his grow into manhood over the past 5 years has given me the most enjoyment of my life. Keep the faith.

  7. Letty says:

    Sounds like Devin is a little sneaky!! That’s a funny story 🙂

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