Just recently Denise started liking her food and eating. Feeding has always been a struggle with her – due to her reflux which resulted in food aversion.

Now that the reflux is gone, she’s slowly coming around and FINALLY getting to like food and eating.

And although she is a messy eater we are in no hurry to teach her table manners. We just sit there and watch her in awe.

There were times when I thought we would never reach this moment, and now the moment is finally here. YOOHOOO!

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4 Responses to Finally Liking Her Food

  1. KevinO says:

    Haha! I’m jealous…

  2. cordillh says:

    I just saw this video on your blog and I am so excited!! Way to go, Denise!!

  3. Caitlin says:

    Wow! So amazing! I’m jealous, too! Look at her CHEW! She may be messy but she does keep the back of her highchair pretty clean 🙂 Such a sweetie. I love her. She needs to teach Mona how to chomp like that.

  4. Jen says:

    It’s good to know there is an end in sight. What a dream it would be to have a child who eats without crying and self-feeds!

    I recently found this website http://childrenandbabiesnoteating.com/index.html that has a ton of information on kids who don’t eat and a lot on reflux.

    You’ve given me hope! Thanks!

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