Hope every one had a wonderful Christmas and will have a wonderful New year full of love happymess and alot of joy this 2011.I havent been here for a while my comp got attacked by 92 viruses so had to get a new one . Well alot has happend since BabyLiam was at the hospital he is in 2 seizure meds and pepcid and another acid reflux med and so far he has had a vomitt or seizure in more than 2 months he has gained 2 full lbs he is now 14 lbs 1 oz and were already planning his 2nd birthday on Feb 23 . Your all are invited. We feel like were reaching a milestone him turning 2. He seizure got very strong back in oct they were 25-40 min long and he was hospitalised for about a month they had to give him versed a few times a day to stop them. many times he develope namonia and irregular heart rate turning blue unresposive for his 11 lb body too much to take. that month doctors told me they didnt think he would be strong enough to recover from this that they were doing all they could . We got the hospitals chaplin and called family and friends to do a prayer night oct 14 was the day my son stopped having seizures and the prayer night was held on oct 13 . I believe it was a miracle . but who knows . So getting him to his terrible 2s
would be a milestone .On the other hand BabyLiams older brother 3 yr old Isaac wich has autism has started developing seizures they are diff they are like staring spells so early dec we got our first consultation with a neorologist . and today we got his first eeg . I was so scared with the sedation and praying for fast and easy procedure it went great he fought to fall asleep but the sedation finally took over him. Oh i would love to share great news Baby Liam has started to sit not totally but he will stay seated for about 10 seconds and then fall slowly . to us is wonderful. Since he was dropped early this month from his ot therapy . I feel like many therapist not all but many give up to quick on their patients and baby liam is one of them . but im working with him everything i was able to learn and picking up manuals and books researching myself and we doing progress .slowly but were getting there. Well to all of you that share WHS in your life one way or another I hope this year brings happynes, strength, faith, endurance, unity,curage and
love to help and love our children be all they can be and this network to help and support one another from a friend or a mother we are all united.

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4 Responses to BabyLiam second Christmas

  1. Shelly P says:

    The two things that have helped to accept the diagnosis on my granddaughter, Giulianna, is first of all her – she is so sweet and such a fighter. She is so brave and so happy. To see her smile at you melts your heart. The second thing is to meet parents & grandparents like you. It gives me hope for the future and helps to realiZe that We are not alone. Thanks for posting a response to me on the blog. I am praying for your grandchildren as well. My other grandchild is a boy 5. We have had a scare with him for 1 1/2 years after a bad seizure. We have been taking him to Cleveland clinic to find out the cause. They suspected MS but now think maybe the leisions on his brain (which have not changed in all this time) were caused by an infection of some kind. We were so glad to get good news on him and got the diagnosis on Giulianna. I am still reeling from it but know when I read these blogs that I can find support & understanding here. Sometimes the road looks long & uncertain at best. Then she smiles at me & I read the blogs and I feel i can make it. Thank you sincerely

  2. BabyLiam says:

    I feel your love as you speak of your grandchildren and thats all they need . love and care. We take many things for granted and dont realize that for them those hugs from you the tickles you give them or the kisses is all they want . they dont judge themselfs why should we judge whats perfect or what isnt. your grandchildren are perfect and no one can tell you any diff because you and their perents know them better than anyone else so how can any one judge them . love love love them with all your heart because we dont know what our tommorrow will bring . take care ill pray for you and your family your always in my toughts bye . sincerily brenda and family

  3. Letty says:

    Your boys seem to be doing wonderfully. They are no doubt, lucky to have you.

  4. Baby Liam’s mommy Brenda 6/2018 says:

    Hope life has been good for you and Giulianna . Baby Liam is 9yrs old brother Isaac is 11 and my day Cassy is 15 and we been fortunate enough feel very blessed thank you

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