Evvie is about 45 lbs at 9.5 years. She can walk, but she tires easily and if she gets worn out, she has seizures. She loves to go places, and since she outgrew a stroller, we (mostly my husband)have just carried her on our shoulders when she gets tired. We can’t do that anymore with her size, and we are looking ahead to needing a stroller that can take her up to whatever weight she ends up at. She looks high energy but she does not have physical stamina. Last summer on a trip we went to two parks in one day, she loved it, then had a seizure, fell off a toddler slide, landed just right and broke her arm :(!! She won’t be medically harmed by not going anywhere with us, but she will be socially harmed (and very unhappy!!) Has anyone gotten a stroller for a situation like this through a waiver or grant program? I’m not sure how to write for medical necessity. But we don’t want to all just stay home…nor do we want to not bring her with us where ever we go. Any ideas?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tina, you might be a little ahead of most people that contribute here. Most of us have children under 5. However, I ran a quick search and found something called “Adaptive Star Axiom Improv”, which holds 100+ pounds. I would suspect that if your doctor deems it necessary, then you may be able to get assistance with the expense.

  2. crivera75 says:

    HI Tina,

    We recently were approved for a kid cart for Amelia. We had to see our adaptive equipment clinic at CHOP. They fitted Amelia for it and she loves it. It is portable like a stroller and not as bulky as a wheel chair. The clinic was through the Orthopediac/CP program. Our insurance paid for it. It would cost about $4000 if we had to pay for it ourselves. I would start with your pediatrician and go from there. If they don’t know, call a hospital in the largest city closest to you. I will try to post some pics and videos of Mia in her new wheels!

  3. anonymous says:

    Have you tried the Shriners? They have been wonderful at finding adaptive equipment for my 3 yr old with WHS. If there is not a hospital in your area they will get you to one that is closest. 1-800-237-5055 is the number to call to get an application.

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