Emma has been going to preschool for almost a year now!  It’s so crazy!  She is LOVING it!  She gets very excited when I tell her that she has school and will sign “school” almost the whole way there!  When we saw the bus that takes some of the kids to her class, I said, “Look Emma, your friends are on that bus” and she signed “friends”, which I didn’t know she knew!   She goes happily with her teachers and waves goodbye and walks in like such a big girl!

The therapists come to school to see her and I didn’t think that she was getting enough therapy visits (like once a quarter from the OT), but I found out that the teachers do a lot of therapy things with her during the day and that at school, the therapy is more education related, not really what you would get at private therapy.  Which I suppose is just fine.  Our district is small and they keep cutting things back, but I feel like Emma is doing very well, so it’s ok with me!

At her IFSP meeting last week, we decided to up her days to 3 days a week which I am very excited about because Emma will love going more days and she loves being around the other kids.  The only thing that I’m a little sad about is that in the beginning of the year they are moving the classroom (to across the street from the jail) and that most the kids in her class will be staying at the other class.  A lot of them are only there for speech reasons and otherwise are not very delayed (or delayed at all) in other areas.  I think that being around those kiddos though has been very good for Emma because it gives her a good example.  Plus, they all love her! 🙂  I’m sure that it will be just fine and she probably will get some more one on one time, which will help her out, I’m sure!  Another sad thing is that her favorite teacher will not be moving to the new classroom with her!  I think that those things are mostly just me!  Emma is very social and loves people so I am sure that she is going to thrive at school, even after it’s switched up a bit!

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  1. crivera75 says:

    Emma is such an inspiration! I love the picture of her in her hat. Thank you for sharing her school experience with us. I am just entering on that path for Amelia now so this really helped to see all that she is doing!

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