Our first experience was just over a month ago, very harrowing indeed.  We knew to expect this seizure stuff some day but never expected the first one to be so…BIG!  Eve was given her 6 mth immunisations at 9.30am and at 3.20pm that day her seizure started, Eve was with my wonderful and very switched on cousin while I was picking our other two children from school, I had fed Eve and put her down for a sleep, about an hour later my cousin found her fitting after checking on her only 10mins beforehand, she knew what was happening and called 000.  The paramedics took her to the ER where they tried to stabilize her, after an hour they could not control the siezure so put her under a general anesetic, I know they used Midazolam and Phenobarbitol, not sure what else.  She was intubated and flown to Brisbane and stayed in NICU for 4 nights.  The paramedics gave her an IO in her leg (they drilled into the bone because they could not find a tiny little vein in her tiny little arm), the next day her leg swelled up almost twice it’s usual size, because she kept shivering they ended up giving her 2 types of strong antibiotics, they suspected she had a ‘septic shower’.  We were admitted to the ward and once she was up and feeding again we took her home.  We were in hospital for a week all up. Would you believe during all this, she cut her first tooth!  We couldn’t believe it, it is very cute!
Eve is now on Keppra twice a day and we have a stash of Midazolam that goes where ever she goes.  She is tolerating this quite well, she seems to be back to her usual happy self.  She still lets us know when she isn’t a happy camper but then again she has always been that way!
Development wise she is doing well, she actively plays with her gym toys, she looks at you, she responds well to Mum and her big sister, the boys have to work a little harder ha ha, she is so ticklish and giggles when you manage to hit the right spot.  She can roll from side to side and get her feet into her mouth, her head is still wobbly but getting better.  We have tried solids, a bit hit and miss, it just seems to make her cranky, but we’ll keep trying.  All in all we are doing well, she is a happy and much loved little munchkin..
This photo was only taken yesterday so this is the latest and greatest…
A summer holiday!
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2 Responses to So Seizures…??

  1. Laurie says:

    She is just adorable! I am happy to hear that they got the seizures under control, although I have never heard of drilling into a bone before…that would have freaked me out. Kaylee is on Keppra, too, and she seems to be tolerating it well. I have not seen seizure activity since they upped her dose about 2 months ago…prayers that both of our little ones stay seizure-free from now on. How old is Eve again? She sounds like she is doing so well and hitting so many milestones~ so wonderful to hear!

  2. BreB says:

    Hi Laurie, the IO I am told can be life saving, the ICU doctor told us that this is not uncommon becasue the bone is like a big vein, just hope it never happens again! She has a neat little scar as a reminder. That’s great Kaylee is doing well on Keppra, it’s a comfort to hear it is working so well for her. Eve is nearly 9 months, but it feels like she has been here much longer than that! Hope all is well for you, I look forward to your next update…

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