In early 2010 in early january it was a tipical day Baby LIam would receive his ot/pt therapies but who would know that this day would change my life. Thank to a change of events I missed taking my 3 yr old to daycare never had he missed going but that day he did. i dont know why . As baby Liam got therapy Isaac was just doing his rutine lining up his trains and making these animal like noises and covering his ears lining up the dining chairs everything usual to him, At the end of baby Liams session his therapist Edna looked at me and let me know that Isaac didnt make eye contact and asked if he was a picky eater and i said yes but he has always been like this she informed me that she was almost 100% sure my son was autistic she reffered him to regional center where Baby Liam is already a member and through extensive testing my 3 yr old boy was diagnosed with autism . I never would of tough there was anything wrong i just tough he was different he was himself. I truly believe Baby Liam some how helped his brother to get diagnose . If Liam wouldnt have whs and been receiving ot/pt I wouldnt have mett Edna wich diagnose him just by looking at him wich she help in getting him diagnosed and getting him theraphy treatment i truly love my children its been ups and downs but believe me when i say this there has been alot more ups than downs i wouldnt change a thing about my life i love it.

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  1. Laurie says:

    I have an 11 year old daughter with Autism. She is considered on the high-functioning end of the spectrum, but it is still filled with challenges that most people can never understand. I wish you love and peace on this journey; having one child with special needs is difficult enough; having two is obviously harder– some days more than others. I will share with you what one special someone told me that helps me when those hard days seem overwhelming: God knew that you were strong enough to handle the very diverse needs of these two children– that makes you one of his special angels on earth. Somehow, feeling like I am serving a greater purpose helps me get through those impossible days when there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done! Your children are very lucky to have you as their mother…no one else could give them what you can…and do!

  2. BabyLiam says:

    Thank you ! your words bring a smile to my face as i know that i will be strong enough to face whats ahead . Never have i felt anger or sorry for myself . i know no one will loved them or protect them like i can im a young mom im 25 now and no one really is guiding or teaching me if what im doing is right or wrong i am just following a mothers insting and i have great friends in the doctors and specialist therapist who provide their knowledge and help . I hope your daughter reaches all her milestones for she is a precious angel to bring something special to this world and mostly to you . her smiles her laughs her silly ways only you as her mother understands them and i feel that with my sons and i believe thats a very special bond . I dont care if no one gets why he laughs out of the blue as long as i laugh with him everything is good. good blessyou and your family and thank you for your words they mean so much to me especially this momment thank you .

  3. BabyLiam says:

    I dont see what others see.
    I see you running like your free,
    i see your eyes so bright beautiful brown
    exploring everything around you
    In my mind i hear you speak
    In my mind i feel your hugs
    in my mind i hear you calling me mommy
    In the now i see you perfect Isaac and Liam
    love mommy

  4. Brenda says:

    I was message this morning about something forgotten that I no longer remembered. Was this post my story. Many years have gone by and in those years so much has transpire and happen. I posted my story because it was a true miracle to have this happen to me. In my moment of despair and sorrow feeling lonely and overwhelmed I had found angels in strangers strength in the stories of hope in all of these post and stories but I found my strength and held on strong to it . I’m in a diff place than I was back when I wrote this but my grace and gratitude have been the same. My sons have been growing beautifully . My baby Liam isn’t so baby anymore he is 8 yrs old he can crawl and stand with assistance. He has a mind of his own and can Speak a few words. His big brother Isaac has had a tougher road thats been many ups and down but has made him resilient and kind a kind hearted kid at heart beyond sensitive and caring for baby Liam . Isaac is 10 yrs old and in 5th grade has just mainstream to general education because he’s beyond smart and capable. Its been a wonderful journey that I would love to take all over again as this road traveled has shown me the things I needed to be the person I am before you today. I’m a mommy of 3. I have an older healthy daughter named Cassy 14, Isaac 10, and baby Liam 8. My daughter not only has been through this journey with me many times has been on the sidelines because her brothers have needed most of my time and focus to help them be where we are today. And she has grown to be an amazing noble down to earth kind hearted young lady. She’s made me beyond proud that words cannot describe how much I am lucky to have her as a daughter My daughter. She’s an honor roll student getting the presidential award when Obama was president with a letter and pin from the White House. An achievement that I know was well awarded. I just purchased our 1st home and we are still on our journey to share our story and hope to inspire others to have hope and faith in the things we cannot change. throughout this I’ve shared this journey with a very special man as my friend a stepfather to my daughter and the perfect role model and father to my sons. In many ways theres never enough ways to thank David for being there for me and my kids. Always putting our kiddos first and his top priority. to you David thank you . I just got in touch with my Angel Edna it was a wonderful moment to have been able to talk to her. I hope to be able to get together with her soon and catch up. She’s been a true angel to my family that without her my life’s story wouldn’t of been this beautiful. Thank You Edna and thank you to all WHS families and special needs parents and children. You inspire my heart you move my soul to live the life given in light and faith instead of despair and resentment or anger. thank you I hope you all enjoyed the update on My baby Liam and his brother Isaac thank you

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