Norrah is learning to walk. Though she has had her walker for many months, she has usually had a love-hate relationship with it. She loves to look at it, pull up on it and play with it. She hates to “do work!” in it. That is, until recently. The video does not do her justice, really. It was at the end of a long PT session and her little hips and leg muscles were weak and wobbly. Norrah is walking in her walker. At times she doesn’t need any assistance except for a watchful eye and an available hand in case she tips backwards. At times she needs LOTS of assistance to keep her hips aligned and help her from falling forward over her center of gravity.

ALL THE TIME I AM PROUD OF MY LITTLE, NEWLY TWO-YEAR-OLD and the fact that she is overcoming yet another WHS hurdle. Norrah is walking with assistance and I know that she will be walking without it in NO TIME! It is developmental growth spurt season in our home. Aside from walking Norrah has become skilled at cruising around furniture, saying a few new words (“Uh Oh” is a recent favorite), climbing stairs and drinking from a straw.

Enjoy the video! I will try to post a better one soon.

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2 Responses to On Her Way

  1. Kristy says:

    The video is amazing. Norrah is doing so well. She brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy and proud of all of her accomplishments. Way to go Norrah!!!

  2. Kaylin says:

    im so glad to see Norah doing so well. i hope Karly gets to experience the independence of walking on her own!! congrats! if only California could get their stuff together Karly could be walking too, i hate this California budget they cut everything they shouldn’t, ive been trying to get Karly’s PT for almost 6 months and they keep denying it, can you believe it!?!?!?!? i don’t know what else to do, she has clubbed feet as well as low muscle tone so i cant force anything till she gets AFO’s and doctors can be so passive, i hate holding her back. all she wants is to walk and nobody even listens to me anymore. i feel so helpless. but congrats on Norah she is absolutely beautiful and i hope she only continues to thrive. best wishes from the Bickford’s.,

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