wow i havent been on in a while. my computer crashed. but were back now! karly turned 2 on june 4th. she is crawling now on her hands and knees which baffle her physical therapists cause most kids with g tubes scoot. and ive seen some scooters in here! how cute! she is pulling to stand and trying to cruise furniture! were so excited. she was in the hospital with pneumonia for her birthday which was scary, her oxygen level was only at 77% when we got there so they rushed her into the icu and put her on oxygen and quarantined her. she has been home a month now! were so happy shes home again. well have to do a birthday party re-do. im glad to see everyone is doing well! i hope to be able to put up some videos soon of karly. well just wanted to give a brief update! thanks for looking. well be on again soon!

Kaylin & Karly


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