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Most of you know that Tanner had multiple surgeries on Friday. Our biggest fear was Tanner going under and coming out of anesthesia. We were so relieved to hear that everything went perfectly in that department.
Tanner first surgery was with the urologist. This man is an amazing doctor. Before and after Tanner’s surgery he talked to us like he didn’t have a schedule or another patient in the world. Right after he was finished he came out to tell us how everything went. He explained that Tanner’s right testicle, that was somewhere in his abdomen, was far too abnormal and damaged to be placed in the scrotum because that would most certainly lead to testicular cancer. The doctor removed it instead. We were informed this may happen before hand. So, Tanner’s orchiopexy turned into an orchieotomy. Tanner also had an allergic reaction to a surgical prep that they use called Chloraprep. So, he has about a dime sized 2nd degree burn right below his incision. Our little trooper doesn’t seem bothered by any of this.
Next the ophthalmologist performed a probe and irrigation to try to clear his blocked tear duct of his right eye. Then two muscles behind each eye were tightened to correct his strabismus. Everything went well with those too.
He was very upset when we got to see him. His poor little eyes looked awful. The whites of his eyes are totally blood red and his tears looked like blood. Totally heartbreaking!!! He was pretty fussy the rest of Friday but woke up in a much better mood yesterday. We can already see a difference in his eyes. His looks are so much more precise. Every now and then we see his eyes turn in but that’s normal. It can take a few weeks for him to get adjusted to the new movements of his eyes and also for the redness to go away. Other than Tanner’s appetite not being back to normal his is doing amazing!!! He’s such a tough cookie:) Tanner’s ophthalmologist actually called the house today to check on Tanner! I was so taken back……so touched. Both doctor’s gave us their pager and cell numbers and the urologist his email address….but I never expected them to check in with us. We’re so lucky to have such amazing doctors for Tanner.
This is the first picture in the recovery room. Tanner was upset and very groggy from anesthesia and pain meds. You can see the smeared red tears on his left cheek.

Here he is later on that evening. Yesterday we walked to play ground with the boys and protected Tanner’s eyes with some super cute shades from Mimi. He doesn’t even try to take them off.  I love them.Mother’s Day was nice. I’ve been wanting a nice camera for awhile now to take better pictures of the kids so I’m really exciting to get to that. (Hannah, we must share thoughts as well as having super cute look alike babies.)
We’ll get back to therapy this week. OT tomorrow morning, PT Tuesday morning, nutritionist Tuesday afternoon, and then speech teacher on Friday morning. Tanner doesn’t have any other appointments this week other than therapy but he will have a check up with the ophthalmologist next week.
I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. Much love to all of my Mommy friends out there.


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  1. Letty says:

    Happy SUPER LATE Mothers Day! Nathaniel had an I&D left eye 10/2011 and Strabismus surgery-both eyes 10/16/12. His eyes were red and full of pink tears as expected. Luckily, I worked in ophthalmology for more than 10 years before I even found out I was pregnant with Nathaniel, so I knew what to expect. But it was still hard to see “my baby” like that.

  2. Letty says:

    Today’s technology is so amazing.

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