Check out the videos below.  They include clips of Norrah reaching milestones and living life.  She is our littlest miracle and I cannot believe that she will be two in less than two months!

*Please disregard the poor lighting, the crumbs on the floor, dirty clothes in the bathroom and the fact that my kids wear pajamas and have crazy hair in nearly every video. Well… disregard it or be encouraged if your kids or your home ever look like this too.  You are not alone!*

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2 Responses to Norrah Videos

  1. cordillh says:

    I love the videos and I love Norrah!!! She is awesome. The crawling is amazing, girl is on the move, there is no stopping her now. And all the commands, so great!

  2. crivera75 says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Norrah is such an inspiration! I can’t get enough of the videos. I am so happy we are able to stay connected until our next get together! Miss you and the family!

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