Hi everyone,

I came across this blog only days before our WHS gathering at Lauren’s house last Saturday and we talked a lot about it there.  It took me a week but I finally made it.  What a great idea!!!  I’ll start by introducing our family to those of you we may not have had some connection with already.   Justin and I will be married this August and have Tanner together.  Tyler is 6, Carter is 3, and  Tanner turned 1 on February 25th.  Tanner weighs 14 pounds and is 26 inches long.  Although inconsistent, Tanner is a very good eater when he’s feeling well.  When he’s sick it’s a different story.  Tanner is on Keppra for seizures, which is our scariest issue like a lot of other WHS families.  He’s scheduled for surgery on May 7th for an undescended testicle, strabismus, and a blocked tear duct.  He’s doing amazing in therapy.  He’s very close to sitting but seems to prefer weight bearing on his legs.   He improves all around every week.  We have a blog for him too.  http://Thankful4Tanner.blogspot.com.   I just wanted to say hello to everyone.  I’ll be checking in often.  Much love to all of you.


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  1. KevinO says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your contribution. Tanner seems like a neat kid and seems to be doing well. Weight bearing at a year is great progress! I hope we get to meet him one day.

  2. Theresa Miller says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Tanner is so cute! Sounds like he’s doing good. I was wondering if Tanner is also on vitamin B6? Ty’s neuro put him on it at our last appt because it is supposed to help the keppra work better and lessen the side effects. Also, are you on the WHS listserve? I don’t remember hearing your story before.

    Take care,
    Ty 08

  3. JessMarie9 says:

    Thanks for the welcoming, Kevin. I saw that you can link our blog posts to the WHS blog. Can you do that for us? I’m sure we will meet one day, Justin and I have very strong friendships with the WHS parents near us (and one even in SC) and are very blessed to have those friendships. We were quite sure we were going to Utah until about a month ago and realized it just is not logical for monetary reasons right now. Although, we are sure to share many gatherings in our area until the next get together in Indiana in 2 years. Indiania is atleast drivable for us.
    Theresa, Tanner is not on B6. This could be a long story but i will try to make it as short and sweet (not sweet at all) as I can. You can get a more detailed version on our blog though. (http://thankful4Tanner.blogspot.com). I love all of Tanner’s specialists for the most part. Tanner’s neurologist is the only one I have had a hard time “clicking’ with though. He is not in tune with WHS at all and doesn’t seem to try to be. Don’t get me wrong, He is a very nice and smart man but just doesn’t take the interest in Tanner that my comfort level needs. Every time we see him it’s the same….”What medicine is he on for seizures?,,,,,,,how much of it?,,,,,,WHAT SYNDROME DOES HE HAVE AGAIN?” My point is, is that I will mention B6 to HIM……..so thank you very much Theresa:) Do you notice a difference with tthe B6. Did you ever notcie any side effects of the Keppra? We are on the listserve. I’ve asked some questions but I’m not sure I made an official introduction, It took some time to actually be added so once I was I just hammered out some questions right away. Thanks to you both for welcoming me.
    Much Love,

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