I was asked by a couple of other WHS Mums to post this on here, so this is one of my blog posts I wrote the other day!

So there are a few things that have happened over recent times that have got a few of us thinking.
I am fairly sure it was Ellie (Jesse’s Mum) who had the idea of a town just for us WHS families.

So I am going to run with that idea today and present to you my Utopia (with thanks and acknowledgement to Sir Thomas More).

WHS town welcomes everybody. Our motto is: “Don’t DIS our abilities”.
When I say everybody is welcome. I do actually mean everybody. We won’t discriminate against anyone. We won’t judge anyone. Because most of us know what it is like to be judged. And it isn’t nice.

Here in WHS town, we have a magnificent cafe. It has pediasure frappachinos for the kids. Every kind of kilogram piling food is avaliable in all kinds of tastes and textures. There is even a spot for automated PEG feeds. Just hook yourself up and enjoy.
In WHS town, there is no stress related to feeding. There is no “should be” when it comes to weight or size. You are what you are (There will also be a ban on comments such as “Why is she/he so small?”).

Of course, in WHS town, there will be a midnight entertainment centre for all those kids/adults who decide sleep is something they don’t really need. This centre will include every source of entertainment you can think of. Parents won’t have to worry about what their kids are doing either. There will be qualified, trustworthy carers (who want to actually help out) who will indulge the WHS kids in anything they want to do.
All parents get to sleep through, every single night.

Also avaliable will be lots of funding to ensure our kids get all the equipment and education that they need. There will no need for parents to go begging and selling their soul just to get a vital piece of equipment. It will already be there. Therapy will be availiable when you want it, and the therapists will actually listen to you! Same goes for medical professionals. They will fully support you and will work with you to ensure your child has the best quality of life possible.

All siblings will be taken care of as well. They will get every opportunity possible. Because money is never a problem in WHS town.

Now all we need to do is find a place for WHS town to be. Of course, WHS town is only the start. It would be anticipated that alongside WHS town would be other towns where other families who have a child with a disability could live. It is important to support each other regardless of our children’s abilities. And I guess you never know, we might even be able to be ‘included’ in regular society some day.

Aaah Utopia.

Guess I should snap back to reality hey.

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2 Responses to Welcome to WHS Town

  1. crivera75 says:

    I love this post! I can’t wait to move to WHS town. It sounds awesome!

  2. Afryka says:

    We would definitely pack up and move to WHS town, too! :]

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