Yea… the title says it all.  This is a post where I brag about Norrah.  On our personal blog and here on the WHS blog I haven’t really said much lately (SO UNLIKE ME, I KNOW).  We are having some health issues in our family that have NOTHING to do with Norrah or WHS and so they have been consuming our time. (If you want the details you can check out our personal blog).

Eventhough we are busy with some pretty heavy stuff at home, I am never too busy to appreciate my sweet baby girl and all the many accomplishments she has made lately.

Norrah is 21 months old.  She is so joyful and friendly.  She has been babbling A LOT lately and says a number of one syllable words though she seems to only want to talk at home in the presence of her family.  In public she is either squealing and laughing at strangers or being shy and hiding against my chest.  At home she has become quite the motormouth except when she is annoyed at us for not giving her 100% of our attention… then sometimes we get the silent treatment.

Norrah has perfected squinting on command, pointing, playing peek-a-boo with her big sister and SO BIG to name a few.  She has been really into repeating us lately too (both words and actions).  She was barking at her Daddy – because he barked at her first and talking with her hands just like a friend of ours who was over to visit.  It is so funny to see her take in the world around her and make it her own. 

She still likes to eat everything in sight and has even been picking up her fork and feeding herself a few times recently.  Our biggest struggle with eating is getting Norrah to chew.  She will gnaw, chew and break stuff off with her front teeth but once the food is deep into the mouth she just moves it around and eventually swallows.  WE NEED TO GET HER TO CHEW, OTHERWISE CHOKING (and then barfing) ENSUES. We are working on it.  She likes to drink from a cup if I hold it and is still trying to perfect the art of drinking from a straw.

Norrah is doing well in PT.  She can transition from sitting to her belly easily and back from her belly to sitting again.  She loves going up and down and being able to do what she chooses.  She can also pull from sitting to kneeling and to standing.  We are working on cruising and taking steps.  She seems to only want to step with one leg, again and again when she is cruising around a piece of furniture.  This is indeed an improvement from last month when she didn’t really want to pick her feet up at all.  She is not a huge fan of crawling.  She usually complains and just rolls out of hands-and-knees if she has a chance.   Rolling is still her go-to travel type for getting from place A to place B.  But – I am trying to show her that crawling or walking would be much more fun because she could follow after us without all the noisy complaining that she does when she is requesting that we pick her up and bring her along.

She has been the picture of health except for her tiny battle with Strep and Scarlet Fever in early March.  Other than that her health has been wonderful.  She has an appointment to see her cardiologist next Tuesday and I am praying that her hole in her heart is completely healed on its own.  I would hate for her to have to have heart surgery and I do believe that she DOES NOT NEED IT.  She already had one atrial septal defect close… hopefully the remaining one is closed as well.  No other appointments are in the works until Norrah’s 2-year-old check up with her Peds in July. 


OK.  I bragged.

The end.

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4 Responses to A Post Where I Brag About Norrah

  1. crivera75 says:

    Love the bragging theme and I am going to brag more often about Amelia!

  2. cordillh says:

    Norrah truly is amazing. You have so much to brag about.

  3. KevinO says:

    Very complete, thorough and informative! Norrah is doing quite a bit at her young age. Post some vids so we can see her in action!

  4. Mihaela says:

    Your baby girl is adorable, and I’ve been missing your bragging about her. Beautiful pictures of a precious child.

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