Kendall has a crawler and a walker, but refuses to hold an interest in doing either. She has realized that she would rather scoot her way around the house. She’s getting very good at it and her PT is trying her hardest to get her to move around in other ways.

Kendall is way too good at it to give it up…

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6 Responses to Kendall is a scooter!

  1. JessMarie9 says:

    What a great video, Kevin!!! Kendall is a doll and her “scooting” gets the job done. Point A to point B and that’s what really matters in the end:)

  2. Kevin! This is great. I must admit when the title “off to the races” I thought for sure that I would see you or Cathy racing Kendall down the hall. THAT IS WHAT I NEED TO SEE ON YOU TUBE!

    I love this! Norrah is starting to scoot too and her PT is not thrilled. She will only do one or two scoots and then she defaults to rolling. HER FAVORITE.

    Kendall is a beauty as always!

  3. Laurie says:

    I just love, love, love little Kendall– there is something about her sweet face that always makes me smile. Watching her scoot is adorable– regardless of what her PT wants her to do, the important thing is that she is mobile and is not helplessly stuck somewhere watching others move about around her. God bless her! I look forward to seeing more videos of her as she begins standing, walking, running, jumping…. it’s all coming and will be here before you know it! ;-p

  4. KevinO says:

    Yeah, she’s so much fun. She makes it look so simple scooting around like she does. She wants to do so much more when she see’s her little sister run all over. She’ll get there…

  5. Janell says:

    Your video of Kendal made me smile & laugh out loud…. she’s just like my little WHS kiddo! How long has see been scooting? My daughter Emmy scoots so fast & without the use of her hand like Kendall but now she goes so fast she “hops” while she is scooting! It’s crazy! You think that scooting is hard try hoping up off the ground in much the same fashion…. wait for it…. it’s probablly coming next! I am not very savy when it comes to blogs, u-tube, face book etc…. so I have posted nothing but belong to the 4p- support group & listserv 🙂 Much continued success to Kendall.

  6. KevinO says:

    Janell- She’s been scooting for about 7 months or so. It seems like it’s been forever now. Kendall also gets air on occasion, especially if she sees something that she really wants! If you have stories to tell, just send me the content via email with pictures and I can post it for you. Or, just check out the site FAQ’s ( to get a start.

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