Riley is our little 12 month old WHS angel. She is doing really well. She was 4 lbs, 5 oz and 16 3/4 in at birth. Now at 1 year, she is up to 13 lbs, 7 oz and 24 in, thanks to the help of her g-tube. Riley’s medical concerns include an ASD, strabismus which she is having eye muscle surgery to correct in 2 weeks, acid reflux, and benign myoclonus of infancy. Developmentally she is doing great. She started sitting independently at 11 months, she rolls, pulls to stand, stands holding onto a push toy, will take steps with her arms held or while pushing a toy with a little support. She reaches and grasps at toys, plays actively with everything around her. She can hold herself on hands and knees, but is showing little interest in crawling at this point. She laughs, smiles, and has great eye contact. She is cooing, not yet babbling. We are not sure of her cognitive level, she will turn to her name and look at me when I ask where mama is. She does not yet follow any other commands. Feeding has been our biggest struggle, which is why she now has a g-tube. She refuses her bottle now, but will drink from a sippy cup and eat some solids. We keep a blog for her with more pictures and updates, I look forward to meeting more families on this blog, good idea Kevin!

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  1. KevinO says:

    Welcome! Thanks for posting. Riley seems like she is doing great and coming along nicely.

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